Reiki Classes

I offer all three degrees in Usui Reiki, online if you are interested.


It is a $50.00 donation for each level.


The easiest way is to contact me is through my Witch Petals Community page on Face Book.

I will send you the information via email or FB chat and we can then, once you have reviewed the materials,  discuss the information in private chat or small groups.  Once I feel you understand the material I will attune you.


I will not do attunements of each level less than 30 days apart.  Your body needs time to adjust and “detoxify” from each attunement.


Here’s the link to the Witch Petals Community page on Face Book:


Contact me via messenger and a post. I can’t wait to work together.


Reiki First Degree Materials:


Reiki Second Degree Materials:


Reiki Third Degree- Master / Instructor Materials: