Witch Petals is a place for all things magical.  It is a place to learn, to explore, and to share the magic and energy of the world surrounding us.

I spent my year and a day, training under a sixth generation hereditary witch.  I call myself an eclectic, traditional witch. I have always known that I was a witch even when I was told that they are not, “real.” Somehow I have found and entire world full of witches and other magical beings!  I am certified in, counseling, addictions, education, special education, administration, ministry, Reiki, EFT, OneBrain Healing, Bates Healing Method, Aromatherapy, flower essences, and Curandismo.  I have knowledge in multiple healing techniques, energy work, chakras, herbs, crystals, feathers, guides, animal spirits and other types of creatures, mediumship, psychic, divination, homemade products, kitchen / hedge witchery, oracle cards, protection, and talisman making among other things.  I am always learning new things.

12th seal


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I got to your page via a picture of a beautiful crystal grid, but I can’t find any info on your site. Can you contact me for more information? Thanks!


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