Settle Down, Rooster

It’s 2017, the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster.  We’re swinging off the tree from a Fire Monkey year that was full of ups and downs, challenges and successes.  This year we can expect more fire in our bellies to move us forward!

This year is about having clear intentions and good practicality.  It will be full of opportunities and obstacles that with a good focused purpose can propel you in the right direction of your desires. Stick with tried and true measures rather than the risks of monkey or other personalities.  Rooster is about impressions and staying on the path.  Roosters are about hard work, making strong commitment, and being loyal; reliability is key especially in relationships, business, and money.  This is an opportunity year to build strong foundations in these areas that can help you create successes in the future.

Rooster years are often considered financially lucky if you are smart and practical.  You will find that you have enough for what you need without being overly materialistic.  Be smart and curb some of your spending habits this year and you may find that you are able to tuck away some nest eggs like a good hen.

Rooster behavior is determined and there is rarely an obstacle that a rooster can’t fly over without much effort.  However, it is imperative to be responsible and practical to make the most of good rooster behavior.  Unlike, the calculated risks in the previous Monkey year, knowing where you are going to land will be part of any good plan.

Don’t get panicky and fly off the handle, no one likes fowl behavior when it is frenzied, instead keeping your head and seeking help to manage difficult or uncomfortable situations will be key to working things out and maintaining peace in your hen house.  Rooster years are about meeting challenges head on in a calm practical manner.  You can do this.  If you plan it out right and stick to your blue prints you may find that this Fire Rooster year leaves you with financial success and fortune.

2017 copyright by Katie Pifer



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