The Laughing Fox

I stood on the edge of myself,

looking in—

I saw an ocean,

a field of flowers,

an unknown wood;

there were dark places too,

blocks of various sizes.


I looked beyond myself,

afraid to look any deeper;

I spied a little red fox

laughing at me.


I could not resist the sound

like chimes in the spring air,

joyous and contagious;

I followed it

without much other attention.


I often lost sight of her

feeling misplaced in my solitude,

but then I would catch a bushy tail

far in the distance, always hearing

laughing, laughing

reminding me I was not alone.


Many times on my journey

I looked around,

seeing I was in the wood,

among the flowers,

near the ocean;

finding myself

deep within the darkness,

climbing blocks—

always the joyous echo

urging me on;

laughing laughing


Somewhere near,

as companion, friend,

that silly red fox

reminding me,

to laugh—

at myself.

-For Sherry Whitfield

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer




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