Selkie Man

you have found your seal skin,

your truest form of spirit

and returned to the cosmic sea

painting again

the great canvas of the universe,

with colors only your energy

truly knows.


This world,

now seemingly monochromatic;

having taken your palate with you.

I am left in tonal grays in your absence.


The ocean waves swell

with the hurricane of tears

at news of your passing.


I see you now,

your spirit playing among those rises

and ebbs of brine,

the seal once more

frolicking unabashedly,

and I, a Homerian fisherman

alone in the colorless storm,

bereft without you.


For Bill Galbreath, who’s soul is as bright as the Northern Lights.


2016 copyright by Katie Pifer

Original art by Homer Winslow, “The Fog Warning” 1885



4 thoughts on “Selkie Man

  1. Hi Witch Petals,
    This was truly beautiful. I was never one for poetry but recently I’ve come to appreciate it. As a Water sign, this particularly resonates with me. I love your blog so I’ve decided to nominate you for the 2016 Liebster Award. The details can be found on my blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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