Desert Rain

Awakening me on summer nights

like a long departed lover;

my nostrils picking up the unmistakable aroma,

his cologne of desert rain.

He teases as he fills the room,

wafting in from every vent and open window.

Leaping from my bedding

I rush to the door,

flinging it open,

expecting torrents of falling rain.

His presence absent for so long—

I envisioned sheets from the sky

enveloping my body in the ecstasy of cooling water;

leaves on the trees also bathed, heavy from the moisture,

but no—

alas, no release tonight,

only the maddening presence of Verga,

devouring liquid,

a greedy suitor, unseen in the darkness

full of heat and passion

evaporating his moisture before he can ever touch me.

I am hopeful, awaiting our encounter on the desert floor.

I think he enjoys Verga’s attention,

allowing her to take him again and again with her heat.

He is a July tease,

ardent in his skyward behaviors at dizzying heights,

yet coy and elusive to embrace me in his watery arms.

I am left forsaken,

bereft of any relief,

his promises of release

merely false signs of his love.

2016 copyright Katie Pifer



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