A Personal Experience Working with Crystal Skull Basics

I was never a skull person, more of a flowers and animals person than leaning toward things that were more into the macabre side of things. I was however; a crystal girl from the start, anything sparkly attracted me like a fairy to a bubble.  I used to joke that I was a raven or crow in my past life, being drawn to pick up such shiny objects wherever I could find them, and I could find them in the smallest corner of any dark shop!

I live in Tucson, Arizona which annually in January or February, sometimes as late as early March, has the largest gem and mineral show in the world.  For a sparkly girl like me, it is amazing.  There are vendors selling their luminescent wares in every hotel room in the city; which is vast, you can drive for more than an hour and still be in Tucson.  Every convention center, ballroom, parking lot, tent, ballpark, open space available is filled yearly for two weeks with gem and minerals from all over the world. The city is literally humming with crystal energies!

There are the African Villages and all of their goodies, the bead tents, raw minerals areas, fossil areas,  polished minerals, beads, beautiful finished jewelry, and in the convention center with the highest security are the diamonds, emeralds and every highly prized jewel or gem you can imagine and at the most incredible prices.  If you ever have an opportunity to experience it, go; book your hotel at least a year in advance and go.  Every buyer will be there, every company who sells jewelry will be there buying, it is THE place to be for those resources; included in that mix are crystal skull sellers and buyers.

The year was 2012, I had seen crystal skulls before, they were everywhere, but I was never really attracted to them, because although the gemstones that they are carved from are wonderful, as I said, I was not really a skull person. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull film had hit theaters four years earlier in 2008 and the buzz about skulls had seen resurgence in popularity. Additionally, with the looming infamous Mayan 2012 end of the world prophesies nearing, skull lore, skulls, and apocalyptic talk was everywhere, as you can imagine.

In the 2012 gem show I saw a flyer for a lecture at one of the local metaphysical shops with an authenticated ancient crystal skull, Sha Na Ra, and his guardian, Michele Nocerino.  I signed up, paid my money and was interested and excited to go and see what it had to offer me.  The night before the lecture, I had an intense sensation of pulling on my solar plexus, so much so that I was not able to sleep at all.  I knew that it was Sha Na Ra working on me.  Psychically, I was aware of the connection between us and I knew that the following day would be life changing for me.  I also knew that what was happening now was healing and for my highest good.

I arrived at the metaphysic shop a bit early, my solar plexus still active and I positioned myself in the chair directly opposite from where the skull would be placed.  There was a single row of folding chairs in a semi-circle in front of a display table with a box in the center and a light device obviously to light up the skull.  I was the first to arrive and took exactly the seat that I wanted.

There was a lecture and a small video about the skull, Nick Nocerino, Michele’s father who discovered the skull, and how it came to be in the United States. I hardly heard the lecture, mesmerized by the skull the entire time and still feeling the pull.  There was a meditation with some music in the background with the focal point being the skull.  I kept loosing myself in the skull and finding myself off of my chair, pulled forward, practically squatting. I saw things in the skull, past lives, evolutionary things, guides, so much information.  For me it was an incredible experience.  There were additional meditations and an opportunity to touch the skull, ask questions, and overall discuss the skull and events; at the end we were each give a small crystal skull of our own that had been charged by Sha Na Ra.

I left the event buzzing; it was lucky that I lived near by; I should not have been behind the wheel.  I stayed in that state of “BUZZ” for almost a week.  My solar plexus was sore; I was elated, overwhelmed, amazed, and changed forever.  Slowly, day by day, the buzzing feeling wore off and I was myself again, however, permanently altered by the experience.  I kept my little crystal skull in the purple mesh bag it was given to me in and kept it on my altar, not really knowing what to do with it.  It was a memento of the experience.  I used it to charge other crystals and made some water essences with it, but that was as far as my knowledge went with working with a skull.

I researched the other crystal skulls, and psychically connected with them, asking them what healing they did and asked if they would work with me in various ways; most agreed, some did not.  I kept copious notes on each one and slowly tried to build a connection at deeper levels, but not once using my actual skull as a focal point. Time passed and I worked on other spiritual things and shifted my focus from skulls to other topics.

In February of 2015, my best friend and I went into a metaphysical shop we hand never been in before on the east side of town, Mystic Candles.  We bought a few little things here and there. At the counter, while checking out, I noticed a flyer, a picture of a crystal skull, Synergy, and the guardian, Sherry Whitfield, hosting a drumming circle that weekend at the shop.  I was excited to meet a second ancient crystal skull.  I took the flyer and went to the event.  I hadn’t touched my skull from Sha Na Ra in years. I had practically forgotten that I even had it. I wasn’t even sure I knew where it was exactly.

I had a very different experience with Synergy and Sherry than I did with Sha Na Ra.  The energy was much gentler and the drum circle was big, thirty plus people, loud and wild…I was hooked.  The circle was drumming, Synergy was brought around and you could lay hands on and touch third eye to third eye for a few moments, then a break with snacks, a discussion that Sherry calls, “Story Talk,” questions and answers, finally birthday cake and singing for that month’s birthday people.  It was a fun event held monthly. I attended regularly with great enthusiasm.

In November of 2015 or so, it was announced that there would be a spiritual class starting, lead by Sherry and Synergy that would meet monthly outside of the drum circle.  I wanted in and was accepted.

At this point, I am six months down the road with the class.  I cannot tell you the ways that I have changed, evolved, let go of things, and learned.  It has not been always easy, but I know it is the skull and doing skull work.  I now am the owner of several skulls, small ones, but in the skull world, size doesn’t matter.  So I want to share with you a little of what Sherry Whitfield has taught me about how to work with a skull. This is all her and Synergy’s teaching.  NONE of it is mine.  Sherry Whitfield’s website is www.iloveangels.com and if you want to buy a quality reputable skull at fair prices all charged by Synergy, no child slavery methods used, (which is very common in the industry,) her Etsy shop is www.bluestartraders.com .

Skulls work on many layers.  They, of course work on the energy of what type of crystal it is carved from. The carving, how it is carved, is important to maintain the inner energetic matrix, which is why it is important to get a good quality skull and why I recommend getting one from Sherry.  Her integrity is top-notch and she can see energy and has been in the business of stones forever.  I trust her.  I have purchased a skull for fewer than seven dollars from her and spent as much as sixty dollars; of course you can spend thousands if you have that kind of money, but a skull for a few dollars can be as powerful or even more energetically strong as a very large skull.  There is a way the stone is carved and the shape between the back of the head and they eyes that allows the energy to be a certain way.  This is important in the carving process and Sherry can tell when it’s a good one and from a good carver.  Also, all of her skulls are charged, some for years, by Synergy, so that is a bonus. Sherry Whitfield has my full endorsement.

Ok, the type of crystal, the size, the shape, also important is that you use your intuition to pick your skull.  Your higher self, your intuition will know what is right for you.  Trust yourself; it will benefit you more than anything else. Love your skull, and ask it to partner with you, this is a relationship with the energies between you and the skull.

Skulls do certain things with energy.  Here is a list from Sherry’s site:  www.iloveangels.com . Skulls can:

Focus Energy
Reflect Energy
Refract Energy
Amplify Energy
Attune Energy
Transmit Energy
Transform Energy
Store Energy
and they may… Act as a Witness

So, you need to be prepared for these things.  In my experience with the two ancient skulls and my own little contemporary skulls, is that it can happen abruptly or more subtly, so, understand that you are working with some powerful energy here.  You can start by having a good cleansing and protection routine.  Here is an article I wrote previously that is Sherry’s routine.  I DO NOT recommend, nor does Sherry, working with a skull without doing this regularly.  Here’s the link for that and basic grounding:



Next, once you have cleansed and protected yourself, ground yourself. After that, hold your skull right in front of your face and do some circular breathing. Breathe in through the top of your head the first time, out though your mouth onto the skull, through the skull, out the back of the skull, over the top of it and your head and in through the back of your own skull and out again on the skull.  Visualize this circulation as you are breathing. You are swapping energy, manna, qi, chi, or whatever you want to call it.  You are becoming one together and learning about each other.  Ask your guides and the skull for clarity.  Focus on clarity.  That is all you need.  It will lead to everything else.  Remember to offer gratitude and always come with a humble grateful heart.  This technique was taught to me by Sherry and it is tricky at first, but you’ll get it. That’s it. That’s the basics. It seems so simple, but you will be surprised at how quickly you can connect.  Visit Sherry’s site:  www.iloveangels.com  she has a blog of her own and lots of how to’s on working with the paranormal and developing spiritual and psychic abilities, as well of course tons of skull information!

My first experience with working with my own little skull, the one I got from Sha Na Ra, was really powerful.  In a minute or two I was crying, releasing some deep seeded emotions I had been holding onto for years or even lifetimes.  I don’t even know what the cause was, but I felt so incredibly light after the flood of tears and expression that I was amazed at how quickly I had connected with my skull and done some healing.  Here I had this amazing tool, just sitting in my drawer for years.  I could have been working with it all this time if I had only known what to do with it!

Sherry’s advice in selecting a skull is choose the one you are drawn to, but it is always good to have at least one quartz crystal one to work with regardless of size. Mine was quartz and the size about that of a quarter.

So a bit of a warning about skulls as well, they are powerful.  Don’t be surprised if they tell you their name or one suddenly comes to you.  Don’t be surprised if they want to be taken with you all over the place. Don’t be surprised if they want to be with you a lot.  Personally, I have mine in a little case, and most of my skull buddies do too.  When we meet for class, everyone gets out their cases and puts their skulls around Synergy to charge up or keep them out around their chairs.  I keep my case in my purse and they go with me everywhere.  It’s silly to some, but they are quite happy to be in the case traveling around and checking out the various energies.

One last warning, even if you aren’t a skull person, like I was, they can be a bit addicting once you start working with them.  Different ones have different properties and can help you with different issues, just like you would use other crystals and gemstones.  There are lots of layers to a skull and they are complex.  I have merely discussed the basics here and given you a primer to get started if you are interested.  It’s a powerful tool in your spiritual development if you choose to take on the task, but it is work.  The skull will move you in ways that may surprise you, and it’s not always fun.  Spiritual growth comes with lessons and often growing pains.  As Sherry says, “Anything you gain is worth it!”

If you are interested in connecting with Sherry Whitfield and Synergy; they travel all over the world giving lectures, doing ceremony, and connecting with people.  Her Etsy site will ship anywhere in the world and she is really down to earth and accessible.  It is an amazing experience if you can connect.  For her travel schedule go to her website: www.iloveangels.com . She is on FB as well as other social media platforms.  She has been on the show Ancient Aliens and been studied by many universities as has the skull.  It is authenticated as an ancient skull.  You can find information on it and other ancient skulls on www.crystalskulls.com  as well as Sherry’s own site.  Michele Nocerino is in the Asheville, North Carolina area and has sessions with Sha Na Ra available.  She also lectures and does some traveling.  Here’s her website:  www.shanaracrystalskull.com .  Check them out and learn about the real histories of the ancient skulls.  You may be surprised at what you learn!

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com

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