GeoTherapy for Healing: The Element of Earth

The Element of earth is at our base what the Bible proposes we are, God made of clay, from dust we are and from dust we shall return.  Yet, science also supports this idea of creation in Big Bang theories and the universal dust bound together to create life, loosely speaking of course.  We are perhaps more closely linked to all of the elements, being 70% or more of water, earth dust, fire in our electrical systems, air in the breath necessary to take and live, and finally spirit.  I’ve talked a lot about water and making essences lately, and even touched upon fire and ash briefly, but now I want to take a moment to explore earth as a healing tool.

Earth is full of minerals and other good stuff that is wonderful for the body; muds or clays, combining water elements and earth elements with the warming energy of the sun have tremendous healing powers. Yet, like water essences, earth treatments, often referred to as Geo therapy, are overlooked in the mainstream in their healing qualities. However, fancy spas and hot spring hideaways have been raving about the magical healing powers of mud treatments and hot mud baths.  Rather than being a new treatment for beauty as well as healing, it is really a resurgence of quite ancient techniques that do wonders for overall well being.

In Mexican Curandismo practices, Geo therapy is employed in a variety of techniques from leaf wrapped mud packs to draw out toxins or alleviate inflammations, balancing energetic imbalances, or blockages often called, “empachos,” the use of earth is an important component in their traditional healing practices.  Some techniques bury a person up to their neck in a few feet of earth to get to the good clay sections for its mineral and healing properties.

Different types of clays have different properties. Clays have been used in cosmetics for more than a millennia and are continued to be used in modern beauty supplies.  I have written a general reference guide on the different types of clays and their properties and uses.  You can find the link to that article here:

In some practices clay baths or packs in various spas and healing centers claim relief from ailments such as depression, menopausal symptoms, migraine headaches, body detox for skin issues, detox from pollutants, radiation therapies, and general everyday exposure to toxins in our environments. Quite often various treatments are combined with other ingredients such as herbs, milk, honey, essence waters, essential and carrier oils and teas; each combination having varying effects on the skin and body.

Geo therapy has been used by some veterinarians in the treatment of animals with arthritis and can alleviate inflammation and joint pain in animals. It can help with skin issues as well as help them to detox from toxins that they are also exposed to.  In nature we often witness animals using mud treatments to help with various issues, elephants give themselves dust and mud baths as do rhinos, pigs are commonly known to enjoy a good mud puddle as well, to name just a few. So the next time your dog rolls in the mud, perhaps they are just giving themselves a treatment.

Outside of wellness, in spiritual practices, muds, clays, and chalks are used in many traditions from Hoodoo, Voudon, Witchcraft, and other numerous paths.

In many ancient and indigenous cultures muds and clays are used for medicinal as well as decorative purposes.  Muds applied to the skin can act as shields against the sun and bugs.  The modern world is just beginning to fully explore the depths of treatments using muds and clays and their healing potentials.

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer

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