Blessings and Curses Two sides of the Same Coin

I was working in a group when I asked an open question about the efficacy of prayer on people whether they knew it or not.  There was an astounding round of yeses, prayer absolutely works, sending positive thoughts, blessings or prayers to others works even if they don’t know that they are being prayed for.  The group seemed emphatic in its responses and without a single doubt to be found.  I also agreed; I have seen it work.  I have experienced it work.  In fact, there has been quite a bit of research done on prayer or blessings and they have also found evidence that it is effective in improving the well being of others even if they do not know that they are being prayed for.  Here’s a link or two to some articles on the subject:

I have written previously on prayer as a psychic attack, which for many folks is an unpopular subject matter; their intentions for such blessings being positive in nature, however, what if the person does not want to be prayed for?  What happens to that energy as it bombards the etheric body?  Is this not then seen or interpreted by that energetic system as an energetic or psychic attack?  For me the answer is yes.  However, I don’t want to delve too deeply on that subject, just touching upon it to cover the bases in this discussion.  If you want to read more, here’s the link to that post:

I asked the same group of people how they felt about the power of curses.  Do they work? Are they effective?  I was surprised to find that the majority of them answered that curses have power only if you believe in them.  I could not understand the logic.  How can this be?  If there is such strong agreement that prayers and blessings work even if you are not aware that you are being sent them, and there is even scientific research on the matter, a discussion of prayer as psychic attack, and yet, now when we are talking about the darker side of the coin, then suddenly the energy of such actions is powerless?

I think for me the explanation of this is in fear.  It must be fear that if someone can throw a curse, hex, crossing, jinx, or whatever else you might like to name it at you, and that you cannot control it then you must not be able to experience it if you simply do not believe.  Why else would there be such a strong belief that it only has power if you allow it to? This makes no sense to me.

Let’s talk a minute about energy and how it works.  I have written a lot about energy.  I do this because, in my opinion everything is energy and if you understand that then you have a strong foundation for the craft, spirituality and frankly everything else in life.  Energy is neither good nor evil, light nor dark, or whatever other binary terms you want to use to describe it.  It does however have positive or negative charges like on a battery, but they can change, so in general terms, energy is a neutral thing.  What is not neutral is intention.  How a person uses energy, throws, directs, or amplifies energy is very intentional whether they are aware of it or not.  This puts the spin on the energy sent out, and to some degree how it is received.  If you have any doubt of this, consider the feeling of a dirty look from someone, or the charge of energy in a room after a big fight.  It has very real, specific intention to it.  It can make you feel creepy or slimed, or loved like when you walk into your favorite relative’s house.  This is all about what is being put out and received.

So knowing that, how can anyone say that a curse or hex has no power unless you believe in it?  Of course it has power.  It is energy and it is being sent to a person with a very specific charge.  Now, I will say that a person’s belief in the curse and what its outcome may or may not be can add to that energy and further amplify it.  If you feel that a curse is related to say, bad luck, you are surrounding your own energy with the intention of bad luck and you will indeed create that for yourself.

There are different levels of curses and I have discussed that elsewhere, but just to touch upon that as an example, when a driver cuts you off on the road and you yell some profanity or flip them your middle finger, which by the way, is your most powerful finger for energy, this is in fact a low level curse and does have power, and you know it! That is why you are flipping them off and cussing at them, right?  Let’s be honest with ourselves here. This article outlines some of the different types of curses:

Now someone with some real skill and know how in curse making is not going to just flip some wonky energy at you.  Curses, especially good ones can be quite complex, layered with all sorts of nasties that make it in some cases the curse better to live with than the cure.  It is irrelevant if you believe in it or not, it will do its work and it will connect a person to the curser via energetic cords.  However, these days most people have either lost this art, or don’t bother with this level of curse, it takes much time and effort to conceive and it has consequences for both parties.  Frankly, it just ain’t worth the work.

In general, your belief in a thing does not make it real or illusionary, if that were true the world would still be flat, Adam and Eve would have populated the world by having only boys, and Elvis would have gone back to his home planet.  In terms of energy, curses and blessings, sending energy out to people does have an effect on our etheric bodies whether we choose to believe it or not.  Just like germs we can’t see, the energy is changing us, affecting us in some way.  The best thing to do is to daily cleanse and strengthen your protections, care for your spiritual self.  Watch how you are sending out energy, is it with a positive intention to someone who is asking for a prayer or blessing, or are you flipping of granny who is going slow in the fast lane?  A good spiritual hygiene routine is as important as taking care of your physical body.  There is no separation of mind, body, or spirit.

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer

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4 thoughts on “Blessings and Curses Two sides of the Same Coin

  1. I agree! In a society (such as present day America) where prayer to an ‘omnipotent god’ is considered ‘good’ and cursing is considered evil, archaic ( or just plain hogwash!) it is no surprise that folk say they believe in prayer but not curse. ‘Curse’ evokes the image of an evil old lady in black robes “I’ll get you my pretty!” So of course sophisticated people could not possibly believe this! But the scowl, the dirty look, the middle finger — these too are curses which can change the energy of the recipient. Again, the whole thing gets back to energy — how we interpret it, how we bind with it.

    I love your articles, so interesting! 🙂

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  2. Agreed. A very interesting subject too. As I recall LaVey suggested that if you where to curse someone it was all the better to let them know. Which definitely works, people are very susceptible to that sort of thing. Now as for the a curse that you don’t know about, maybe people who do not believe that they can be harmed by these curses are putting up some sort of unconscious shield…


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    • They may be putting up a shield, but generally speaking most people walk around wide open with their etheric bodies totally unprotected and are unaware that this is even an issue. This is why a good daily spiritual hygiene routine of cleansing, cutting cords, and protection is really as essential as taking a shower with soap and putting clothes on afterwards! 🙂 thanks for you comments as always!


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