Witches, Heal Thyself!

I know going into this that this post is going to upset a few of you, but my aim is at educating those of you who are ready to hear what I have to say, “Witches, heal thyself.”  This morning I was drinking my coffee and I read another of the hundred advertisements for services to help cut your karmic cords. The price was something over $100.00 USD. There were a number of other services listed all for various prices.  Having just spent two weeks on my back in agony from any injury, I was already incensed at the cost of “healthcare,” and as far as I am concerned, Spiritual hygiene and care is also part of the “healthcare” realm.  We all need help from time to time and I am no different, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, psychological or spiritual healthcare, there is no shame in that.  However, in terms of our etheric bodies and spiritual well being, there are some things that you must do YOURSELF! Among these things is cutting karmic ties, contracts, attachments, agreements, and other things of this type.  You put them there or incurred them, and you must deal with them.

So now I have said it.  All of the healers making money in karmic tie, etc. cutting will now be furious, but you either have no idea what you are doing or you are just plain taking advantage of others.  Another unpopular statement made by me! Well, I’m an Aries and a trained psychotherapist so I’m all for the direct truth of things! Ha!  Look, I live not too far from Sedona, Arizona, I am well aware of the money to be made on cutting karmic ties, chakra clearings, and the like;  people, locals, tourists, the spiritually suffering will all flock to you for these services, that’s wonderful for your business, but please approach it ethically, help them to cut their OWN ties.  The ethical, moral way of doing business in this area is to facilitate the cutting of ties, contracts, agreements, and other spiritual situations one might encounter is to identify, facilitate the cutting or terminating of such things, and educating your clients.  This is empowering not victimizing.  It is never okay to make someone dependent on you for this kind of service.  Even in therapy, the goals should be to provide education and skill acquisition so that the person can stand on their own.  We have all started at the beginning at some point and definitely have needed instruction, but to keep a person down, feeding your own ego with your great “powers” is never ok, and in fact will only serve to attach a heavy load of your own karmic chains, remember Marley in Dickens’, “A Christmas Carol?” Need I say more?

Ok, so here’s the skinny on all of this, whether you believe in Karma or not is irrelevant for the moment, frankly that is a whole other debate, I’m not even going into, let’s just talk energy for the moment.  The renowned physicist, Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy.”  He was right.  Everything is energy, and everything that we do is related to energy.  We are constantly making connections with people, strangers, friends, family, everyone.  When we do this we are exchanging energy. These exchanges leave little threads if you will, or cords.  Now many of them drop away, but some of them stay and for a wide variety of reasons.  An example of this is the connection you have with a parent or child that you love dearly; you may be able to feel them when they are not around, you feel connected, attached to them, and this is true.  These are the bonds or ties of highest love.  It can be true for a pet or a best friend as well.  These types of ties or cords we want to keep.  Now, let’s envision a great love you had and some how over time it fell apart and turned into something that you don’t want anymore.  This tie or cord was once very strong and held deeply into your heart, however you find that now even though you don’t want it anymore, thoughts and feelings of that person continue to plague you.  Perhaps there are dreams, or preoccupations while at work, or something in a magazine or the television will remind you years later.  You may even feel them from time to time or sense that they are thinking of you; sometimes you may even get sick or feel poorly when this happens.  These are the bonds that you want to break, that keep you stuck in a cycle and are no longer for your higher good.  These kinds may even be a conduit for negative energy to have access into your being.  These are the situations that most people begin to seek help in order to break ties.  It is at this point that people, witches or not, begin to feel desperate and vulnerable, easily victimized and willing to pay large amounts of money to escape the emotional grips of such situations.  This may even be a family member or other type of past abuser that continues to cycle in the mind and spirit.  Whatever the case, it is a point in which the person is intently looking for assistance.  Here is where the ethical healer will take a person in, for money or not and teach them, facilitate, educate, and assist in learning how to cut their own ties and gain personal freedom.

Let me explain why someone else cannot cut cords or other types of spiritual contracts for you. First of all, they can cut cords, but they will very quickly if not immediately reattach, so spending money on that is a total waste; anyone who knows real energy work will know this.  You have created these cords or ties through intention, action, and connections with others, they are yours to create or destroy.  This is also true for other things like spiritual contracts, agreements, willing nesses, allowances, permissions and all sorts of things that you have done with your freewill.  These things may have served you in a past life or even in the past of this life for something that you thought that you wanted at the time, but for whatever the reason now are either not for your highest good, no longer serve you, or you just want out.  Again, this is a freewill thing and no other person can break these for you.  They can help you identify them, facilitate your breaking them, follow the threads to see where they lead and other various ways of evaluating what they are and how to deal with them, but they are yours and yours alone to break, dissolve or whatever.  Now, having said that, there are things that can help you rid yourself of these things crystals, herbs, potions, spells, etc, but they all come with YOUR intentions and YOUR efforts and actions to follow through and put an end to it.  So if I have a shop in let’s say Sedona, AZ, or even online and I am offering you karmic tie cutting for $300.00 USD, I call BS on that.  I’m just ripping you off!

Ok, so I’ve made some things sound quite easy and some of them are, but it can also be complicated, for instance, some of these things are tangled up in curses or agreements with various spirits or other things from the spiritual world, of which there are many.  I myself have been tricked a few times.  It’s complicated and having a good spiritual person to go to who is honest, ethical, moral, and will work with you to help you facilitate getting out of some of these more intricate things is an invaluable service.

Personally, I think that hundreds and hundreds of dollars is a bit much, but it depends I suppose on the situation.  So before I totally freak you out, let me say this, most people are not wrapped up in these deep intricate messes with spiritual entities, they just aren’t, so don’t panic.  Most cords and ties are easy to cut and release by yourself in a quick five or ten minute visualization, seriously.  Here’s the thing though, you are energetically connected to the other person, so even if it’s on a subconscious level, they will probably feel that you have disconnected from them and will try to reconnect.  They may call, email, message you in some way, show up at your house, whatever to try and make that connection again.  They are used to having your energy to rely on.   This is up to you to remain severed and daily check your ties and re-cut if need be.  This is why it is called a spiritual practice!  You have to practice it daily.  This means, cut your ties, or karmic cords, work your protections, disconnect from those things that are not for your highest good or that serve you and allow only connections of the highest love to remain.  You are freeing yourself as well as the other person. Eventually, overtime they will stop trying to reconnect, but truthfully, we make connections and ties daily that are not really for our best welfare and need to be severed for optimum wellbeing.  This is part of good spiritual hygiene.  The more you do it, the faster it gets and your body will respond like a muscle memory and help you to rid yourself of these things.  It’s that simple.

So to the witches out there and really everyone within earshot, know you, and learn to heal thyself.  Why spend money in areas that are unnecessary.  Find a good spiritual worker who will help to guide you in partnership, teach and facilitate your growth.  After all, your growth and advancement is really the best advertisement for their business.  You can do this!  Here are two links to articles I have written on how to cut ties and deal with Karmic issues.  You now hold all of the keys! Blessings to you and happy cutting!





2016 copyright by Katie Pifer http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com



16 thoughts on “Witches, Heal Thyself!

      • Yes! I am familiar with the work of Einstein, Stephen Hawking and quantum physicists who teach ‘everything is energy’. Our energy is ours alone and WE control it. Other practitioners can help or educate us, but ultimately we our responsible for our own healing. I believe in personal empowerment 🙂

        Thanks so much for this post, really great! 🙂


    • Thanks, me too, there is no greater joy than helping someone else stand on their own two feet side by side with you! I appreciate you commenting!


    • Well, not all witches are in the same place with the same trainings and some like to support each other’s businesses. There is a lot of misinformation out there. I am learning and unlearning things all of the time. How is a solitary witch with no other connections supposed to learn if they don’t get exposed to the information? It can be a difficult path as all witches know. thank you for your comments!

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      • Well I’ve always been a do-it-my-self kind of person. If I don’t know how, I learn. But that’s just me, I know everyone is different. I think as long as these things are done with a pure intent it shouldn’t be a problem, there’s just so many wolves out there.
        Thank you for always giving me something to think about! : )


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  1. Fab article . Totally agree with all. Although severing toxic relationships can be difficult especially if it’s family. I struggle with this n repeat same process over n over again! I suppose deep down I have the hope and bond that it be diffrent unfortunately it always ends up the same I’m learning to disconnect my self from the drama

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jackie, I agree and struggle with it daily myself. I have a very difficult relationship with my family, many of which are quite toxic and you meet toxic people every day, so daily cleanse and cord cutting are in order!


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