Mandalas for Mid-Summer

The energy of the summer whether Mid-Summer, any time during the summer months or even the rest of the year, can lend its whoosh to many activities involving action.  The Divine Masculine is full of motivation and setting yourself up for success for the year when you plan and put into motion your goals. This summer season is full of abundance and we can share in the gratitude for the many things around us and the fertile opportunities of creativity as we lay the foundations for our plans;  a great way to set these foundations in place are with the practice of mandala making.

Similar to a grid, in fact a mandala can be a grid, it is a way of focusing energy on a specific intention.  In Sanskrit the word, “Mandala” means circle. Google search defines it as a, “geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism,” or “a symbol in a dreamer’s search for completeness and self unity.   These are great definitions and the mandala is found in many spiritual traditions and cultures.

Working with a mandala is a way of getting in touch with your inner self.  The process often becomes meditative, allowing the person to get out of external influences and reach the depths of the subconscious mind, creating a wholeness between the mind, body, and spirit with the greater universe, a oneness if you will.  In this state, clarity often reveals itself and a clear path to one’s goals can emerge. At a time like Mid-Summer or other parts of the year when the veil is thin, these effects are amplified.

Mandalas often are in the patterns of sacred geometry and the idea of the infinite circle or ring is mirrored in the self as well as the universe through their designs. The ideas of the infinite spirit are also carried through the pattern of the circle.  Mid-Summer in particular, often focuses on the sacred shape of the circle.  We see this reflected in the flower crowns, herbal wreaths, fairy rings, and in the craft the concept of the coven circle, salt rings or circles for protection, and in the pentacle with in its circle representing all of the elements in infinity.

The creation of the Mandala circle is a very soothing activity; when combined with focused intention becomes a powerful tool and ally in the formation of goals and spell work.  It helps the mind to organize and create an internal system to carry out its plans. The sun and other natural elements at Mid-Summer echo these patterns and the energy of such can add an additional power to these foundations.

You might consider some of these materials, chalks, substances like cornmeal, cornstarch, red brick dust, beans, flowers, shells, stones, leaves, sticks, images, other natural items or meaningful items to you.  Whether you are drawing or coloring mandalas, creating them with flowers and other items, including them in the garden, in flower or rock beds, walkways, chimes and sun catchers, or other creative endeavors, tapping into the Divine by way of the magic of the mandala ring is a powerful  ally to any witch or other person’s inner work.

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer

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