Father’s Day, Summer Solstice, and the Divine Masculine

It is no coincidence that father’s day and the Summer Solstice occur during the same month; both honoring the Divine Masculine energy in our lives.  Whether you have a father figure in your life or not, it is an opportunity to connect at the very least, with your own masculine side, creating a harmonious balance of energies both within your own being as well as its influences in your life.

Energetically, the right ride of your body is your masculine side, your action side, where you make happen the desires of your intent.  The physical plane in which we live, operates with an intention- action- manifestation law of creation, making both the intention of the left or feminine side and the action or masculine right side both necessary balance in order to achieve manifestation of our desires.  This is key, not only in manifestation, but also as a template for balance of the masculine and the feminine in our entire lives, creating a whole equal partnership of energies.  Now this does not mean men and women necessarily.  I am talking energy here, we each have both kinds of energy and everyone has it in different proportions.  If we are talking about partnerships we want people who will balance our energies, regardless of gender, but I digress.

In the Summer Solstice celebrations we are celebrating the Sun, the longest day of the year, the day with the greatest and most intense light energy from the sun.  It is about power and love, abundance, and gratitude for the gifts we have been provided with.  We often equate this with the energy of the father or the masculine, whether that is our go-getter selves or an actual father, or Deity.

Often in modern times when we spiritually talk of, “father” one might think of Christian language in terms of God, Lord Jesus, etc, but that is just one incarnation of the Divine Masculine energy.  There are many paths all which include “father” figures representing this Divine Masculine energy. These include, Odin, Zeus, Shiva, Papa Legba, Ra as well as many king figures and others too numerous to list.  Whatever your path, there is an energy represented as masculine that you can tap into and draw within to celebrate and balance the self.

So often in the pagan community the focus is on the Divine feminine and the Goddess, but it would be amiss to not consider and embrace these masculine energies, for without them, we are equally imbalanced and there is no capability of creation, abundance, and reproduction.  In every living thing there is a component that represents both energies.

It is easy in these currently tumultuous times, to push aside the Divine Masculine, asserting that it is too aggressive or overly energized, and it is, however, I urge at this time to embrace it along with the feminine, understand it, and bring it back into balance within the self, spreading that balance within your immediate community.  The models of patriarchy currently are not a reflection of balanced Divine Masculine; rather it is a reflection of egotistical aggressive power that honors neither the Divine of either the masculine or feminine.  These energies are meant to be honored equally, celebrating the attributes of both.

Here are some simple ways you can embrace the Divine Masculine in your daily life whether it is the summer or other times of the year.

Think about your goals for the year while the fertility and abundance of the summer can give a needed energetic whoosh to those ideas, embracing a forward momentum of them and putting them into action is that masculine energy working at its fullest. Anytime we take action to make our ideas or desire a reality, we are tapping into the masculine energies around and part of us.

Try being more physically active and consider your physical health and body, this is an important part of your masculine, active, action-oriented self.  Take a walk in nature, swim, eat right, all of this embraces the proactive aspects of self.

Show your generosity to yourself and those around you.  The Divine Masculine in balance is generous and giving, providing for those and for what her or she needs themselves.  This can look like self-sufficiency or charitable acts to others.

Investigate your perceptions of masculinity.  Are you stuck in assigning gender roles to yourself and others?  In what ways can you create more balance in these and become less judging, accepting that we all share both masculine and feminine qualities as we individually embrace these energies.

Heal your inner masculine.  Whether you are male and have endured various hurts or female and have also endured injury or trauma at the hand of the men or out-of-synch male energy, you deserve to heal, let it go and understand that not all men or all male energy is abusive.  Search out for the best qualities of the Divine Masculine and invite it in again.  Allow it to live comfortably within your heart.

In Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette’s book, King, Magician, Warrior, Lover, they identify these four archetypes for masculine energies.  Simply put, the King represents the benevolent provider, the Warrior is the protector creating a safe environment, the Magician uses his skill and knowledge to benefit himself and others, and the Lover uses his heart and wisdom in partnership with the Divine Feminine.  These are the balanced aspects of the Divine Masculine.  When we see the negative aspects such as aggression, possessiveness, force and power it is a reflection of imbalance and abuse, ego-centric thinking and action.  When you are exploring your perceptions of masculinity, you may want to consider these aspects both for yourself whether male, female, or other as well as those around you.  Strive for positive archetypal characteristics rather than the often overtly present negative ones.

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com

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