Rising Dogs of Summer

I find myself on the couch

having succumbed yet again to my own laziness

and the enticements of downy pillows.

It is the moments just before day break;

my elderly dog still snoring in her bed.

I remain in my position,

not wanting to disturb her slumbers;


the east window still darkened by the world beyond.

I watch as the light shifts slowly from that opaque realm

to a bluish hue, allowing for shadows to momentarily

find freedom on the opposite wall.

Again, shifting, brightening, yellowing

suddenly the trek of the sun

breaches the mountain ridge,

shinning full force in morning reverie.

It is a peaceful exaltation of the day,

but no less magnificent—


here in the room, my resting hound rises,

wriggling her pig tail,

stretching in her own sun salutations

she discovers I too am awake,

awaiting to start the day.

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com



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