Fuck Pretty

Fuck pretty–
the exclamations of this morning’s reader,
Alice’s face prominent on my screen.
I understand your rejections
of body image expectations,
and modern beauty ideals,
a middle-aged woman myself,
rounded and jiggly in most spots–
I can relate.
But, I see you Alice,
your brown eyes peering at me,
seeing me too.
I recognize that glint in the gaze,
inner strength, resolve.
My mother’s own mantra,
“You’d be beautiful if you lost five pounds,”
implying at this point, I’m ugly.
Fuck pretty if that is my example.
I see the softness in the round of your cheeks,
the curve of your nose,
your lips still full
unlike the thinning lips of aging women.
Alice, I see your skin hardly etched by time–
all these the benefits of a plumpness
they will never understand.
I know the bombastic conversations
with the generations of women in the bloodline,
the echoes of shame
passed down from woman to woman,
the fat roll baton of guilt.
Fuck pretty, Alice.
I see the beauty in the wave of your hair
and the smile of your countenance.
If they can’t see that Alice–
see you–
well, fuck them too.
2016 copyright by Katie Pifer (witchpetals.wordpress.com)

Photos and Inspiration by Alice Isak

Here’s her article and blog:

Fcuk Pretty



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