Energy Versus Magic: Does Magic Really Exist?

I have set before myself a challenging question here and I’m not sure if I can answer it, but I think that it is worth an effort to explore the possibility.  Now, before getting started I am well aware of the Pagan community’s use of the various spellings of magic with a “k” and such; my personal feeling on the matter is that words in general have multiple meanings and the use of the extra letter is unnecessary, but rather is an ego piece and pretentious.  So you won’t find it used here with a “k.”

As a witch, I practice witchcraft, which some may consider to be magic, but for me when I break it down to what I really am doing, I have to say that I am really working with energy not magic.  It looks magical, but to me it is not magic per se.  So what’s the difference you ask? Great question! Well, the difference is sort of easy to explain, but not really.  Let me back up a bit first.

When a person is practicing witchcraft using tools or materials plus intention, for me that all falls in the realm of energy work, not magic; magic in my definition is outside of the rules of energy and physics. Simple, right? Well, not so much.  The act of ritual or ceremony, using crystals, sigils, herbs, and even conjuring spirits or anything else we do in the craft, is all part of working with the various energies of nature.  The perception is that it is magical, but it really is an understanding the energy of things.

We are energetic beings in a physical realm that has some limitations, around us are other dimensions that we may or may not be able to perceive.  Different people have different levels of sensitivities and talents to read energy and connect on these levels. Even Stephen Hawkins has conceded that there are other dimensions around us that we do not perceive.  The science is catching up.  Our bodies have an energetic field around them that we are just starting to learn about; beings have these fields, in fact, all things have these fields.  A rock has a certain vibrational frequency, as does all things and it interacts with us when it comes into our energy field.  This is true for herbs, oils, etc.  Beyond that, our thoughts have energy, if you don’t believe that try feeling someone’s angry gaze at you from across the room or entering a room after two people have had a fight.  The tension in the room is more than tangible.  This is energy, not magic.  The intention of spell work is not magic; it is thought energy and has power.  This plane is about thought, action, and manifestation.  We can make things happen that way.

When I do healing work using whatever means, even things like Reiki which is unseen but has proven results on cancer patients among others, it is about moving and sending energy, not magic.  I make flower essences; I can make any essence at any distance with a thought and a wave of my hand, it is energy work, it is the auric imprint of that flower or object on water.  It is more about the water’s programmability and the properties of energy than anything else.  Once you understand these things and begin to look at them and break them down you can understand that what we often call magic is really just energy work to varying degrees.

So then, what is magic? If everything is actually energy work, then is there a place for magic at all?  I first began to think about magical creatures or beings, dragons and fairies all sorts of things.  I can often see an overlay on some people of these beings.  Sometimes people look like animals to me.  This is just other dimensions or realms, or even past lives that are showing on the person’s energy field.  It is part of their true being.  Now, I know that not everyone sees these things and some will think I’m nuts, that’s ok, but if you talk to people who work in the spiritual realms you will get agreement that there are all sorts of things out there that “humans” are mostly not aware of.  There are many planes and realms that intersect not just our perception of reality, but many other layers of reality.  So is this magic?  No.  This is again a function of energy.  These are all just different energy fields where grids and patterns of existence are perceived or laid out.   Is moving between realms magic?  I don’t think so; I think that is a matter of manipulating the energy and shifting between energetic fields and programmed grids.  As we understand it more, it will boil down, I suspect into varying degrees of energy.  Remember, a rule of physics is that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form.  I think that for most things, it is a matter of manipulating energy for your desires or intentions whether that is casting or astral projecting, all are in the realm of energy work rather than something magical.

My craft teachings were from a sixth generation traditional witch, the information had been handed down from person to person. I cannot find the information written in some book or in an internet search, however from time to time I meet a person who also has a line of teaching that is very old and we come to discover that we share the same knowledge.   In that teaching is the description of covens and the positions of various roles within traditional covens.  These roles were more like blue prints or archetypal roles not just in the coven but in the universe, and as such each had various abilities or skills and duties.  So far, I have found these to be true.  I have met many people who fall into these categories who possess the skills or talents that correspond to the positions.  One of these positions is called a magician.  Now, for me, this is where the only true bit of magic has been seen in my experience.  It is in this archetype that I think lays the only magic.  Magic as defined here, in these teachings, is the creation of energy.  I know, this totally violates the laws of physics, but for me this can be the only definition of magic.  Magic is something outside of the laws of energy, of physics, and the creation out of nothing is in my opinion, true magic. There it is, the definition of magic that I am working with.

There are lots of people, who call themselves magicians in the world of witchcraft and paganism, and the word black magic or white magic is thrown around a lot, but I have found none of it to be what I consider magic.  All that I have seen, read about, or experienced has been energy work at various skill levels. You name any craft ability or talent from divination to casting and I think that you will find at its essence, it is purely a manipulation of energy with the exception of one thing, and that is the creation of energy itself; this to me is truly rare and magical.

So who are the real magicians?  Good question!  Answer: I don’t really know with the exception of one name, a non-traditional archangel named Och, considered an Olympian Spirit. He is listed not only as a magician, but also as an alchemist and a physician.  I find it interesting that what turns up as a magician is a high level angel, representing the sun, and who is also connected with some creation stories.  There is also talk of Jesus being a magi or magician, I don’t know if that is true, but it’s possible.  There are lists of Gods and Goddesses all with various abilities, but very few if any are listed as magicians.  Most of what I have found is connected with ancient seals and ancient Judeo-Kabbalahic texts; there are tree of life pattern connections as well. I find the symbol of Och and other Olympian Spirits on many ancient seals and other sigils, all are connected with sacred geometry and creation.

I have been studying crystal grids this past month in my spiritual classes. This is a subject I have studied before and have used grids often.  Actually, I have taught a class on grids myself.  This time I have a greater understanding of grids, a deeper understanding of how they work in conjunction with the earth and her ley lines and the energetic fields and grids of the physical plane we live on.  I mention this because another aspect of magicians in my teachings is their ability to work with crystals and grids.  It is interesting that many of the strongest grids are connected with sacred geometry patterns.  We live in grids, our existence programmed information on a larger energetic matrix field.  So, I wonder if part of magical creation is about creating and programming new grid systems within a larger energetic field.  Is this what magic truly is?  Is a magician an advanced crystal supercomputer programmer who is plotting new realities into existence? I am unsure, but it is certainly intriguing!  My mind immediately wanders, no, runs to images from the movie Tron, starring Jeff Bridges and set in a world of a video game that is all energetically gridded out.  Is this the true reality?  I am certainly left with more questions and fantasies than I am with answers.

So this is where I am, still researching and trying to figure things out. However, for me the truth or the understanding of magic that I am searching for is not surrounding energy work, but beyond it; anything less than that is not magic but lies within the energy fields of understanding.  Perhaps I am wrong, perhaps it is energy work at the highest levels, I cannot be sure, but I will continue to explore.  So what are your thoughts on magic, is it real, and is it interchangeable with energy?  Clearly this is just my perspective based on my experiences, my teachings, and my research into the subject matter.  I am open to other ideas; I’m just trying to understand the universe, nothing more… 😉

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer

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17 thoughts on “Energy Versus Magic: Does Magic Really Exist?

  1. I like this ’cause it reminds me of something Lori Ann said to me once. (She’s my lodge elder)

    “The ceremony is like the pageantry of the magic and like Catholic alters and everything it’s a reminder to put energy in that direction. Although you don’t need it to do the magical work, it’s fun and gives sign to the spirit world that you are grateful for there help.”

    Anyways that is how I think of it too but the down and dirty of it you sometimes need to do magic on the fly in the spur of the moment and all you have is yourself to do this with. So yourself and your energy can and does do the work too.

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    • Brandy, thank you for your comment. I agree that an altar is a focal point for your intentions and a place within in your sacred space dedicated to your spiritual intentions. It is unnecessary, but it is a lovely way to honor, give offerings if you do that, and to dedicate your intentions. Thank you for sharing your perspective and for reading the article.


  2. Great article, and Brandy, anything other than yourself, and the energy around and within you, is just a prop. Some folks need the props to set the mood, and get in the spirit. They are not necessary as a tool, and as you become more in tune with yourself and the universe around you, you may find that they are actually “in the way” as far as the actual act goes….

    I am not saying one should not have an alter etc… that is more of an homage to the Gods and Goddesses, but no, the pageantry as you say, is a way to stay focused, rather than a neccessay part of magic itself…

    Hope that made sense, I have not quite become awake today yet 😉

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    • Angela, thank you for your compliment. I agree that most tools are “props”as you call them in your craft, however, I have found in certain circumstances they are vital. Much like a carpenter needs nails to connect boards or a saw to cut wood, as he cannot do it with his physical being, there are certain situations in which I find tools vital. An example of this is in a situation in which the energy of the land or a spirit in a location must be cut. Up to a certain point it works with intention, but in deeper levels of disruption, I find an athame or such tool plus some other things are necessary to accurately accomplish that clearing. Also, I find the power of such things as feather fans, drums, and rattles greatly increases the ability to raise energy and perform healing tasks much more than without. So, I suppose it depends on what levels you are working and on the situation. I agree, that most of the time nothing is needed but yourself. Thank you for your comments.


  3. Katie, I think that you hit the nail on the head in your definition of magic. You put into words what I always thought. I have been sensitive to the “aura,” or “energy fields” of things ever since I was a little girl. People used to say I was crazy because I could sense the energy of a stone, or a piece of jewelry. I would like to know more about your concept of grids. I believe there are other dimensions that are only beginning to be perceived by our sciences. Once again, I enjoyed your article, and realize the basic truth of it.

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  4. Hi Carol, thank you for your response. Hibiscus Moon has written a great book of Crystal Grids, you can find it on Amazon and other places. Also, my mentor Sherry Whitfield, has great information on grids on her website: I really pull from both resources on the topic of grids and I am still formulating my ideas about them. I’ve just recently had a huge shift in this area and a deeper understanding so I am now trying new experiments. I’ll get back to you on it. If you want to pm me on the topic, feel free to do so, but I’m not ready to formally write on the topic. 🙂


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  5. I am exploring this myself. So WOW in a good way. I enjoyed reading this. Somewhat related to the question I posed regarding the differences of paths.

    I believe the spelling with a K was created to differentiate the practice from slight-of-hand-magic-tricks.

    But I understand what you are trying to get at. And I do somewhat agree that the K is pretty pretentious.

    I do see it all as energy work as well. Regardless of whether it is witchcraft, druidry, alchemy, sorcery, energy work… LHP or RHP.

    At the moment, I feel that magic can be attached to wizardry… but then I don’t think so either.

    Using the earlier argument as to why the K was coined, there is a practice that can be called magic… but I didn’t see it as something benevolent or true craft practice at all… but a manipulation.

    But when putting into consideration that the spelling with the K was merely created after a need to do so… I thought it proper to put things into perspective.

    I feel that when we take away trying to differentiate techniques and skill levels… it is all magic. And we are all magicians. But we are not all the same kind of magicians with the same kind of magic.

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    • I think it might be good to look into the history/etymology of the word… right now, I do not have the leisure of getting that far on this. But I think there should be something in there.

      What I am getting at is: perhaps instead of figuring what makes it different, know why the word was created.

      If all the cosmic wars and “hiding of secrets” of past was true… the answer could be found in the truth that humans have always been magical/psychic/craft practitioners. But they “forgot”. And when they were forbidden to talk of this truth… the word magic came to be to refer to the supernatural experience.

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      • I understand the difference in the spelling of the word, the practice comes from Aleister Crowley who felt a need for serious students of the occult to differentiate themselves from those doing magical illusion tricks on stage. Words often have multiple meanings which the same spelling and meaning is derived from contextual clues rather than always needing an alternate spelling. Crowley was creating a movement with him in the center, quite successfully I might add as we still know his name well today. Personally, i don’t feel the need to have a “K” at the end of the word to set it apart. To eat their own. The word magic goes back through Greek, Egyptian, and gets lost in Persian history, needless to say the term is very old. 🙂


    • Thank you for your comment Jonalyn. I would question, is it magic or really energy work? Many people interchange the two words. I think that it is really the mechanics of energy, but you know that already. 🙂


  6. I don’t know what my “tradition” would be, I believe it came paternally, and my father was adopted with no records or biological family lines. But I feel it is an old, old energy, ancient and come from our place within the cosmos. Magic? Heck no. Energy, just as you’ve said. I truly appreciate this post, mainly because I totally agree with you, and have had difficulty in being able to explain the whole “magic vs energy work” dilemma. When people say “oh you’re a witch, huh? Do you do…magic?” I have to keep myself in check from going off on a tangent on the subject. But you’ve captured it all here! I’m clicking follow, so glad I stumbles upon your blog!

    Many blessings,
    Run 🙂

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    • Thank you for your comments and support! I don’t think bloodlines matter, the craft is what you make it and yes the information of the craft is old. When you don’t know where to turn you can always call forth your ancestors or other spirits to guide you in your practice. They will teach you the old ways if you ask nicely. 🙂

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  7. Hi Chris, thank you for taking the time to comment. When you say create an energy orb through magic, what really are you doing? When I want an energy orb, I set my intent and pull the energy from the universe or the environment around me and shape it into an orb with my hands, this is energy work, not magic. You have changed the shape, form of energy, not created it. The energy is all around you. This is my point in essence. Often we call things magic, when in fact, it is energy manipulation. The orb is energy and needs your intention and focus to maintain the form of an orb or it will return to its original state in the environment around you, dissipating into where ever it needs to go. 🙂


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