Spiritual Communication: What’s the Message?

All of us have spirit guides and the universe as a whole is constantly speaking to us, whether you believe in it or not, there is a presence greater than the human species.  The sciences are slowly discovering and understanding energy more and more and with that shifting the perspective of humans in the big picture of things; Albert Einstein has said that, “everything is energy,” and even Stephen Hawkins has recently stated that there are alternate dimensions that we cannot perceive occurring all around us.

Whether you have experienced the spiritual world or not is more about your own path and spiritual journey, however larger and larger amounts of people in the world believe in the supernatural or have faith in a higher power than those who do not.  This article is not intended to debate whether there is or isn’t a spiritual plane, but rather to discuss the many ways in which those planes are communicating with us.

So much of communication and language is about non-verbal cues rather than spoken language for both human species as well as the animal kingdom at large.  It is a very small percent of our understanding really comes from the spoken words we share, but instead the many ways in which we express ourselves through gestures, intonation, facial expressions, and other subtle body cues.  The animal world uses many other ways but the most common include the five senses.

One of the easiest ways for spirit to connect with us is with smell.  The olfactory system is fairly sensitive and connects with the brain quickly allowing for information to be processed and trigger things in our memory that evokes specific remembrances or simply other associative information. An example of this in the animal world is how dogs gain information through their sense of smell.  They can tell where you have been, what things you experienced or even that you had pizza for lunch and didn’t bring any home to share!    I have experienced spiritual communication in this manner multiple times with disembodied smells that only I could experience as a way my guides were talking with me.

An example of this is when I was working with my energy worker on a past life issue that seemed to be the root of a reoccurring dream that was causing some nighttime anxiety in me.  I had the dream for almost 20 years and was ready to finally deal with it.  We were trying to figure out a connection and I kept getting, “father,” as a clue, but was thinking of father as the parental relation and spirit was telling me this was incorrect, however I kept getting the word, “father.”  Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with the intense smell of grapes, like Welches’ grape jelly or juice. I said to my energy worker, “Do you smell that grape?” She of course did not.  Somehow my brain was able to leap from the grapes to wine; which leads me to priest, or rather, “father!” All of the pieces I had been struggling to understand were immediately in place and the message was clear.  I was able to understand, resolve the issue and release the energy around it, letting go of what was creating the nighttime anxiety.  I have never suffered from it again in this way.  Spirit was clearly responsible for communicating with me through this smell to get me the information and the message I needed at the time.  I was the only one who experienced it; my energy worker did not share the experience at all.

Another way Spirit can communicate with us is through the sense of touch.  Sometimes you can feel someone touching your skin that isn’t there or feel a presence without seeing it.  I have had many experiences of communication this way.  One of the most significant occurred the night I had my hysterectomy, removing all of my female parts that were riddled with cancer.  I was at home, as this is now an outpatient procedure, and I was lying on my bed going to sleep.  One of the Spirits, Lillian, who lives at the ranch I reside in, sat on my bed all night and held my hand.  She showed herself as a twenty-five year old woman in my dreams sitting there holding my hand. I could feel the depression on the bed and feel my hand in hers.  It was one of the most comforting feelings I’ve had.  I have never felt so cared for in my life.  Lillian is well known in the ranch and had passed of fever as a fourteen year old.  It was interesting she chose to show herself as twenty-five.  I suppose I know her age as that; because she told me as well, call it an inner knowing.  There are many ways spirit can communicate through touch.  Some people are able to gain messages through touching objects and others, experience things in a similar way to what I described.

For many, the sense of sight is their strongest and the thing that they rely on the most.  Most people learn by seeing and hearing and with people who see the Spiritual world it can be quite powerful.  Spirit often communicates to us by showing us things via the third eye, or through what looks like pictures in our head. Some people can see the Spiritual world as clearly as they do the physical world and for others it is like an overlay, or a disconnected picture in their head.  I experience visual communications in a variety of ways.  Sometimes I see words that have specific fonts, sizes, shapes and through that express the emotions or issues of other people.  Very often when I am working with a client, I’ll see a word that shows their issue, like, “Mother, Father, or Heartache,” each with a different feeling in my body as well as a font in my head.  I also see contraptions and devices on people that need to be cleared off when I am doing healing work.  They represent different things for different people, for me, each has a specific cue that comes with it to tell me what needs to be done.

I have had other experiences where Spirits have revealed themselves to me.  There was an occasion once when I was up on Mount Lemmon, a nearby mountain in Tucson, AZ with a group of women.  We had spent the afternoon picnicking, singing and dancing around the fire, drumming and playing the crystal singing bowls.  Several of the women were Native American and we were singing and dancing several specific songs.  We had created a circle with herbs and smudge as well as made offerings to the Spirits around us.  Before we left, after the cars were loaded and the fire out, we gathered in a circle arm-in-arm and sang one last song in the pitch blackness around us.  It was a round song in which each person was honored, I could see in the dark that our circle of women was encircled by Native American women in full regalia joining us in song and honoring in the Divine Feminine that the moment had become.  It was quite something and the power of the moment still rests within me, now years later.

Communication through sound or hearing is another powerful way that Spirit is connecting with us.  For me this is one of my weakest sense, and something that I need to hone more carefully, yet I have still had some examples of this in my life.  For many, they are very clairaudient and Spirit whispers information to them all of the time.  The ranch I live in, at times is quite active, especially as we round the corner toward Samhain or Halloween.  I was sitting in the main house at the kitchen table with my friend and we were chatting about some terrible news.  We were alone in the house and it was just about dusk.  Suddenly, without missing a beat in the conversation, and exactly at the most appropriate time, a disembodied woman’s voice said, “Oh NO!” as clear as day.  I looked at my friend, and she at me.  I said, “Did you hear that?” She said, “Oh thank Goodness, I thought I was the only one!”  We busted out laughing, but it was clear that we were not the only ones sharing in the conversation.

The next way Spirit can communicate is through our sense of taste.  I can honestly say that I don’t think that I have experienced this; if I have it was not significant enough for me to remember.  However, for those of you who have experienced the disembodied taste in your mouth, you are not going crazy.  Instead look for the message and see what the taste means to you.  Spirit uses our own filters to communicate with us.  So if the taste of aunt Bessie’s apple pie is something that reminds you of her, then perhaps it is her trying to connect with you. Don’t disregard it, rather, light a candle and thank her, spend some time meditating and see what she has to say to you.

So that covers the five senses, but there is also a sixth sense if you will, and that is your intuition.  This is your inner knowing and for many people Spirit communicates quite strongly this way.  Somehow you just know information, you aren’t sure how or why, but it’s your gut feeling and you have discovered that it is never wrong.  Trust this.  It doesn’t lie.  Society very often teaches us, especially women, not to trust ourselves, but I beg you to push this aside and hone this skill.  This is your higher self talking, as well as Spirit connecting with you to impart information for your highest good.

These are all tools and skills; some of us are born with them as very well honed and other need to develop them more, but either way, having a direct line to communicate with Spirit is a gift and a way to enhance your daily life.  We gather information constantly from the world around us; our brains are always analyzing and sorting information, why not add another way to intake it in.  The more we are awake and aware, the more we know.  When we know things better we can make better choices for ourselves.  There is so much we already don’t know or understand, why not enhance as much as we can through new avenues.  Assess for yourself where your skill set is and ask Spirit to assist in enhancing your abilities.  It’s like a muscle; you have to work at it to grow it.

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com

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