Karakwennenta was a beautiful Mohawk woman

with long dark hair and a sharp wit.

She made me laugh often,

but hid a dark sorrow behind her eyes.


Karakwennenta had a strong spirit, a good heart.

I love to say her name—

whisper it,

chant it,

teasing her gentle soul.


What ever happened to Karakwennenta?

I have lost her somewhere in my journey.

Mohawks travel across a frozen lake.

They walk on water,

moving between Canada and US;

such divine action.



where have you been?

Your truck is empty now,

your travels complete.

When will you return?

The desert calls your name.



cawing of the ancient ones,

the bird tribes, returning.

Salt water pool will not freeze.

Is it filled with your tears?


Karakwennenta, let go of your sorrow,

play again in the sunshine of love.

Let your spirit dance about the fire.

Hear the beats of my drum.

The old ones, they listen;

we honor them on the mountain.



I see the embrace of the ancients,

holding us, joining our circle.


will you dance with me again?

Let us honor Crow,

and bring the rains to cleanse your sorrow.



where did you go?

I drum,

heartbeat of the Earth Mother.

I light the fire for you,

make offerings

so you can find home again,


2014 copyright by Katie Pifer http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com

drum 1


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