In the Bush

                   -In 2015, 91-year-old artist/ activist, Dale Clark with a team of helpers built close to 30 ‘dream pods,” small structures, as an answer and a way to honor the downtown Tucson population.  The structures were a nightmare for the city and were eventually removed.


Outside my door

Kalahari, Sahara, Sonoran desert

cholla wall,

thorny barrier, fortress

providing protection

from mountain lions,

bobcats, coyotes,

tribesmen, neighbors.

In the distance

Kilimanjaros rising in all directions.


homeless tribes,

America’s mentally ill, addicted warriors

living in the washes,


street pods,

“dream pods” on Congress,

housing under bridges.

No Maasai warriors,

jump dance, hunting ritual,

no dignity,

uniting red cloth,


starving veterans, children,

warriors from a disenfranchised army,

disassembled state of America

on Tucson streets.

2015 copyright by Katie Pifer

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