Anthony Bourdain

I am eating a hot dog,

all-American delicacy.

On the television

Anthony Bourdain,

my favorite Jersey boy,

food and travel writer,

undergoing combat training

to prepare for filming

in Iraq or Liberia.

The training, chaotic and graphic.

This mock war zone,

transporting me

to last week’s run-in

with the Mexican policia

I encountered while retuning to the US.

The dangerous exchange

a repeat from previous adventures

to the Mexican coast

for relaxation and refreshing waters.

These issues always resolved

by bribery

with the almighty American dollar.


My mind wanders

to riots in Baltimore,

earthquakes in Tibet,

volcanic eruptions in Peru, Hawaii.

The world shifting,

shaking up the structure of things,

no country untouched by destruction.

Bourdain sums it up

in rice porridge,

an array of animal guts and courage

in a warm bowl before him.

2015 copyright by Katie Pifer

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