Air: An Element

The element of air whether expressed in the turbulent form of wind or the stillness of just the air surrounding us; it is more closely connected with the spirit and our etheric bodies than the physical aspects of our beings.  It is connected with intellect and movement.  It is often represented as smoke from smudge or incense, the sound of wind chimes, flute music or the other wind instruments.  It is the breeze of feather fans in healing, or the spirit guides in the forms of birds or other beings with wings. The element of air is often more elusive for people to consider in their craft, yet is as powerful as the other elemental forms.

Symbolically it can represent spiritual knowledge; there is lightness and independence to it, a freedom that perhaps isn’t associated with the other elements. It is the realm of the unseen, the invisible, and as such, for many it presents some challenges for them. However, if you think of it as a messenger of information, activities like divination come to mind and perhaps make the element more accessible.

I like to think of air as breath work; for me that is one of best ways that I can incorporate air into my craft and practice. I like to begin my day with some breathing meditations, and sometimes if I have had a hard day, I like to end the day with breath work.  I breathe in to a count of eight and out to a count of eight in sets of four.  It may take you some time to work up to eight, but it is a nice simple exercise that increases oxygen in the body and helps to relax you overall. You can combine the practice with lovely incense, some gentle flute music, follow it up by drawing an oracle card for the day, and you have created a lovely air based daily ritual.  I think that if you really consider what is air rather than allowing the intangibility of it to become daunting, then it is a graceful element full of great energies to work with and offerings to you.

About 30 miles outside of Tucson, Arizona is the Biosphere.  I have been there many times, with out-of- town guests as well as just a cool place to visit.  One of the early lessons they learned in an experiment was the necessity and power of wind on the planet.  There was one building where they housed all of the trees and created a peaceful environment, but like all of the units; it was completely sealed from the outside world.  The trees grew like other trees, but were very weak and could not hold themselves up after they got a certain height.  It was discovered that the one thing that the trees were lacking was the experience of regular wind.  The experiment revealed the importance of wind in the development of trees’ branches for strength.  They needed the resistance of the wind to make them tough and strong!  I thought that the experiment also revealed a lesson about resistance in general in all living things; through adversity and resistance, being blown about a bit, is an important part of strengthening not just the physical body, but also the mental and etheric self.  We have the energies of the element of air to thank for this.

The greater understanding I have of the element of air, the easier it is for me to incorporate it into my magical and spiritual practice.  Harnessing the wind during a great storm can be a fantastic asset to any ceremony and making a small part of my daily life a dedication to the element has helped to create a greater balance in my being.  I hope that you can find some simple ways to include and improve your work with this element.  It is really a wonderful energy with a full range of possibilities that I might have over looked, had I not investigated it further.

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer




4 thoughts on “Air: An Element

  1. The breath work is really powerful and impacts in so many surprising ways. Let me know how you like it. Start slowly, don’t get light headed. 🙂


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