Whale Bones

Spewed out by the sea,

splayed on the shore,

recorders of time, memory keepers,

bleached white by the sun.


These oracle bones,

fortune tellers of the past,

the present,

the future.

Memories lost,

in the sand, forgotten.


Crystalline skeletal remains,

sound echoing, resonances,

their remembrances,

their stories,

Tibetan throat chants, songs of the past.

Is this the call of Atlantis?


All my relations,

Grandfather totem,

vibrational heredity,

forgotten energy—

Is this the cradle of life?

Of song?


Where are the stories written

if not here?

Writing on the bones,

forgotten codes, lost language—

knowledge means much more than ancient history.


Our history, primal,


anticipating, cyclical rhythms

circadian undulations.

Bones know the time,

their time and ours.

2015 copyright by Katie Pifer http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com





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