Kung Fu Panda: A Question of Destiny

I have been attending spiritual classes in my area for the last five months or so, something that I like to do periodically when I find a good mentor.  I find it helps me to keep my skills up to par, keep me learning new things, and old things at a greater depth.  This week, my mentor made a statement about giving away some stones while we were working on a crystal grid project.  She said that it was, “part of her calling,” to give away stones and that she regularly purchased various stones for the purpose of giving away.  At the time, I didn’t think much of it other than something that was nice to experience, after all, who doesn’t love a give away and the tradition of give-aways.  Generosity often begets generosity, and certainly the world would be a better place if this occurred more often.

Tonight, I finally arrived home late after along day and I was sitting on the couch watching Kung Fu Panda when the synchronicity of it hit me.  This is one of my favorite movies; I find it full of so many life lessons and am never disappointed anytime I watch it. There is a moment when Master Shifu challenges Po to meet his destiny and defeat Ti Lung if he is the Dragon warrior he will be successful because it is his destiny.  As he is training Po, Master Shifu also takes hold of his destiny as says something to the effect of if you are the Dragon warrior then I am your Master.  Both characters grasp the meaning of their destinies and embrace them, one making the other fulfill their role.  They cannot do it alone; their destines and roles are intertwined.

I thought about this in terms of my mentor who has some fame around her as well as the role of Po as the Dragon Warrior and Shifu as his Master, but what about someone like me.  I am a regular person.  I am not special or famous in anyway. I am just me.   What is my calling? My destiny?  I think about my life so far and I see that there have been some threads that have been constant in my life.  I have always written and I have always helped people. I think that these two things are my calling and destiny.  I wonder if the average person thinks about these things in their lives.  What is my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing with my personal skills and talents? I think this contributes to a lot of anxiety for people.  Again, I can turn to both Po and Shifu. Their experiences and insecurities are evident before either of them accepts their roles and destiny.  Master Oogway states that, “One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.” Is this perhaps one of the keys to inner peace, accepting what you are and what your purpose is?  Can it really be that simple?  Both the characters of Po and Shifu seem to shift at the moments of acceptance and are able to resolve their existential crisis.

One of my favorite moments is towards the end when Po opens the Jade Dragon Scroll and discovers it blank.  Every one is astounded and puzzled by it, not understanding the meaning.  It isn’t until Po reminisces about his humble beginnings and his father’s secret ingredient soup.  The greatest teacher ends up being his father who tells him, “The secret ingredient is that there is no secret ingredient.” This bit of wisdom ends up being the key to the Dragon Scroll, the secret is that you are the secret ingredient, believe in you.

I think too often we are scared off by the idea of a destiny and that it needs to be a big thing full of fame or riches, when in reality it can be a humble endeavor, to be a teacher, a student, a friend, a listener, kind to animals, but that it is something that you are drawn to and do well.   My mentor says that being aware of the synchronicity of things is spiritual awareness, and I think that understanding and being aware of one’s own callings is part of that.  We are all interconnected, dependent upon one another to help each other reach our potentials and destinies.  It seems so silly, but I think that Kung Fu Panda has helped me to resolve and accept myself in these areas. I have a destiny.  It is simple; to write and to help people.  It is enough and it is clearly, at least some of the reasons why I am here on earth in this carnation at this time.  It is humble and basic.  What is your calling, your destiny, your secret ingredient?

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com

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