Water: An Element

I have been doing research on the elements, starting with water.  It turns out that water is a pretty amazing element.  On its molecular level it is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, (H2 O.) We know this from high school chemistry class if not earlier.  When the molecules combine though to create the structure, it is a hexagon shape, a six-sided figure. However, it appears to not be stable in that it quickly drops one of its sides regularly and then reattaches another one.  It turns out, that this action actually makes it more stable with a certain level of plasticity or fluidity if you will, (pun intended.)

Additionally, this act of dropping a side and re-adding it allows for movement.  Experiments have been done at zero gravity with water, and it reacts in a very unique way. When a single drop is placed in a bubble at zero gravity it begins to move in a specific pattern, a figure eight, or the infinity symbol.  It will perpetually maintain this movement pattern.  This may not be so thrilling to most of you, but when I think about the magical applications and the science behind the characteristics of water in this situation, I begin to think about things like water seals as forms of protection or other uses for seals.  If you can create an energy field around your water seal, you can in theory create a seal that has eternally undulating energy and refreshed components, simply adding regular intention daily or weekly to it to maintain its integrity would make a pretty powerful seal.

When we think about the planet or ourselves we discover that we are both mostly made up of water.  This makes this element a pretty important one, not just to our survival, but also in its effects in magical workings if you use that energy in your rituals or castings.

The work of Masaru Emoto and others who have been doing water research, specifically looking at water crystals and the programmability of water have discovered that water is greatly influenced by it’s environment and can be influenced positively or negatively by what information it is exposed to. This again brings in many ideas and possibilities in spell work and other aspects of the craft, as well as applications both personally and globally.

Dr. Emoto conducted an experiment in which he discovered that when words, which in essence are symbols with a focused intent or meaning, are placed onto a jar with water and some rice, the jars containing positive words like love and Thank You remained virtually unchanged, fermenting slightly. However, the jars that had words like I hate you or ugly were placed on them; the contents turned black and began rotting.  He theorized that this negative effect actually programmed the water with the energy and intention of the words and influenced the conditions of the rice.  Many types of these experiments have been done over and over again with the same results. One researcher even placed a closed container of a poison in a sealed glass vial and placed it in a glass jar of water overnight.  Despite not ever being contaminated by the poison itself, the water surrounding it also became toxic. This really proves the programmability of water as a great tool for all sorts of things.

This knowledge is how essences like moon or sun waters, flower, tree, or shrub essences are made for healing work, or gem waters and other types of essences.  I personally manufacture many different types of essences that have great ability to create change through energy work in the water programming.  It is a wonderful tool to use directly or a fantastic base for other substances you might be working on like magical chalks, hydrosols, pastes, clay mixes, lotions, or other things that have water as a component.

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Going back to the idea of our bodies containing something like 70-90% water depending on who you are, and the programmability characteristic of water, think about how you might be effected by things like negative thoughts, abusive words or environments, being surrounded by negative people or situations all of the time.  It must, and in fact does take a toll on our bodies, circulating that toxic information just like it did in the experiment with the poison in the vial. Knowing this, it really behooves us to protect our inner thoughts, our environments, and what we are exposed to.  I think about what I watch on TV or listen to, is it going to positively influence my water cells or negatively influence it?  It’s hard to censor so much.  We are a society that is raised currently on so much sex and violence, greed and commercialism; this must be having a negative influence on us.  What are the messages that the waters of the planet are picking up from our society? From the garbage floating in the oceans, and the other energies and unaware intentions that we are sending out there? Whatever the case, we must be creating so terrible programs with all that we are doing.  However, in the same way, we can create positive programming by influences our thoughts in a positive and constructive way.  The more love and gratitude energy we put out there, the greater that energy will be able to influence the huge bodies of water surrounding us.

One more thing about the programming of water, there is one situation in which water is neutralized and returns to its original programming as nature intended, and that is once it is frozen, as it thaws, it is neutral.  So really the purest water, energetically speaking is thawing ice water.  I think about this as the East Coast was blanketed so often in snow this winter, which was a complete energetic cleansing, as well as all of that glacial ice that is melting is, in essence, a pure element of water.  Rain as it falls was once frozen in the clouds and is thawing as is comes down and becomes rain water. It really goes to show that Mother Nature knows what it’s doing as she purifies the land, washing away the old tapes and allowing a place for new opportunities to be recorded in a positive way.

Water is truly a powerful and amazing element.  I recommend experimenting with it in your castings as well as your everyday life.  It is limitless what you can do with it.  It can enhance your craft and add another layer of depth to your work.  Consider the many ways in which you can incorporate the water element into your work.

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