Eight Seconds

 In chaps and fringe,

courage adorned—

he lowers himself

into the depths of the chute

the back of the beast waiting…


A Minotaur descendant,

rope in hand,

this man straddles

the creature between his mortal thighs.

Taurus snarling

snorting dust and fury

at the hubris of the rider

One second

A test of the mettle

for both man and beast

Two seconds

acrobatic dance

flailing dirt and leather—


rope and sweat,

muscles rippling

as the brutes struggle


in their melee—

one trying to dominate the other


each strappers in their own right.


a volley and spin of hoof and heel

Seven seconds

partners in a chaotic dance


Eight seconds!

a buzzer screams the time

cheering stands only further the frenzy

until kine succeeds in tossing

his cowboy aggressor

rolling him in the sawdust

with intent to gore.

A storm cloud surrounds them

dust, perspiration, bull fighting clowns

distracting bull from vengeance

confusing this unwilling beast into

a steel chute again.

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com

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2 thoughts on “Eight Seconds

    • Thanks. All of the photos from the slide show are from the Tucson Rodeo. I feel such empathy for the bulls. The professional riders are a tough gang in their own right. The whole thing is a strange dance of violence and beauty. I tried to select photos that features the bulls. Thank you for you continued support. 🙂


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