I feel fragile

without the resilience I once had

I haven’t ever felt this delicate—

as a child I had the resolve of a fiery Aries girl—

defiant against the throng,

a salmon fighting her way to the fertility grounds

to spawn new life, creative abundance

into this ever changing world.


Can I still flip myself up that current,

flailing and tossing my body against rush and rock?

The trick is to find the resistance,

use that inertia to create

the most spectacular somersault into the air—

rising gracefully over obstacle and stream,

finding freedom,

if only briefly,

in the ethereal moments above it all—

then slipping back beneath the surface

only to again fight flow

with agility and wisdom,

carefully selecting the next location

for acrobatics to propel forward movement.

I am that salmon,

pink and fleshy in my time,

rich in my fatty oils to nourish me on my journey,

now just caught momentarily

between stone and hard place—

awaiting my opportunity to dance,

finding my strength again

to shine,

to swim along with other fish,

I will come.

I will arrive.

I am capable of making it.

I too, can spawn in the creation waters.

Watch me dance.

Watch me fly.

2016 Copyright by Katie Pifer



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