I cried for my soul.

I cried for myself.

I cried for all women.

I cried for Eve,

all the blame put upon her, us.

I cried for mother, the goddess.

I cried for all that we had been, are, ever will be.

I cried until I was dry,

from the beginning of time, back again.

I cried until I became the desert;

the desert became me.

I cried as a tree;

for all that grew from seed.

I cried as a jaguar;

for all that was birthed from the animal womb.

I cried as the fish woman deep from the sea.

I cried as the bat woman,

goddess balanced on the winds of all directions.

I cried as I was born, as I died.

I cried as I was laid deep within the Earth,

reborn from her womb, reincarnated once again.

I cried as the shaman, the witch, the healer.

I cried as the people.

I cried until I became I AM,

understanding that pain.

I cried,

releasing the flow of waters,

once again creating myself.

2015 copyright Katie Pifer http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com

Freya’s Tears by Gustav Klimt




3 thoughts on “Weeper

    • Thank you, I’m glad that you enjoyed it. I wrote this after this huge past life healing session, it was so powerful!


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