Finding Your Guides

There is a lot of talk in the new age realms or at the very least in pagan communities about finding out whom your guides are.  I have seen articles on the internet stating that if you are not Native American, you don’t have guides and that having guides is a misappropriation of culture.  Others state that there are no such things.  The truth is, in my experience is that we all have guides, however the forms and how they present themselves to each individual is quite different.  You may have animal guides, Ascended Masters, guardian angels, hybrid creatures, ancestors, loved ones who have passed, energies without forms, energies with forms, really there is so much variety that it is hard to even make an adequate list.  Also, how they may present themselves to you in a particular form, someone else may perceive entirely differently.  Just as so many things on your spiritual path are specifically unique to you, this too is all your own.  Someone can tell you that you have this guide or that guide, but really, it is up to you to connect and create a partnership, a unique relationship that will help you, lead you on your unique spiritual path.

I’d like to share with you an example that happened to me at the beginning of my journey.  I was attending a spiritualist temple. I was aware that I had a guide that was a hedgehog, so many of my guides come to me more as animals than other things, but I do have some people-ish guides. At the end of the service there is always this segment called, “gift of Spirit,” this was basically random psychic messages to congregants by the pastors.  I was selected once to receive a message and they told me that the message was from an Ascended Master. They gave me my message and I thanked them and Spirit for the message.  The message was quite relevant to what was going on in my life at the time and helped me get over a hump I was struggling with, however the Spirit that they said the message came from did not make any sense to me or had any feelings of connectedness.  I went home and spent some time in meditation and did some finger dowsing, which is one of many processes for communication with Spirit.  I was able to figure out that the message was actually from my hedgehog guide and not an Ascended Master, but that their filters, the perspective of the pastor who gave the message, was colored with the hues of Masters, different from mine that was colored with more animal perspectives.  Does this matter really?  No.  The message was good. What matters is that for me, my sense of connection is with the form of the animal.  What others tell me it is or isn’t , is irrelevant.  I am in charge of my own path and relationships with Spirit. My point is that, I needed to know for myself who the guide was, not what some other people were telling me it was.

I think that we fall so easily into this idea of a guru or someone who has more, “power” or “abilities” than we do.  We all have spiritual gifts and they are all different from each other.  You can put ten psychics in a room together and they each will have a different way of doing things, gathering information, or communicating with the spiritual world.  There is no wrong way.  There is your way.  It is important to have safety precautions, grounding, cleansing and protection, but there are endless ways to do those things.  I urge you.  I urge every one to take charge of your own path and learn ways to be independent and create your own relationships with Spirit.  Create your own communication avenues, you are less likely to be taken advantage of and frauded if you can do it yourself.  Only you know your truth.

So, having said that, how are you going to get the information?  How are you going to figure it out?   I have some suggestions:

  • Automatic writing is a good way to let go and allow spirit to speak to you, especially if your answer lies in a symbol rather than letters or letters that are in another language.
  • Pendulum dowsing using a letter board to spell out something, animal types, colors, symbols, body shaped or organs, etc. Any kind of list works well.
  • Meditation
  • Muscle testing similar to pendulum, both are dowsing.
  • For seers, crystal ball gazing, fire scrying, black mirror scrying, or any other type may reveal an image of a name, word, or symbol. Write it down fast!
  • Dream preparations. Set your intent to speak with your guides during the dream time.

These are a few off of the top of my head. Try multiple methods; see if your answer varies.  It is my experience that once you hear the answer you are looking for or know it; it will resonate with your true being.  So try it out.  See what you come up with.  Discover yourself!

In my opinion, one of the fastest ways to discover any information is through the use of a pendulum.  This is how I started out.  It was quick, easy, and fun.  A chart is a fast way to deal with a list, also just list on a piece of paper works.  You don’t need a fancy pendulum to make it work either.  A paperclip and thread or yarn is great, other types include: a necklace, a button and string, your favorite charm on a thread or chain of some kind, a fan or light chain, anything that is a weight on some kind of a cord.  The key is to set your intention.  Determine what direction is a, “yes” answer and which is a, “no” answer.  After that you are off and running.

For lists, it is easiest to set your intent with your pendulum to state, “indicate or change” when it hits the correct answer.  So for example, when you have a list of animals and you a trying to determine what is the correct answer for an animal question, let’s imagine the answer is a LION, you would set your intent with your pendulum to “indicate or change” rather than “yes” or “no” answers.  As you held your pendulum over your list it, would remain still until you got to the word or picture of a LION, at which point it would begin to swing.  This is your pendulum, “indicating” the correct answer or “changing” from a still position to a moving position. It is really that simple.

I always find that creating a partnership between yourself and your pendulum, whether it is a crystal or some other tool.  Ask to be joined in that partnership rather than forcing your will on objects and Spirit.  This is about presenting yourself in a humble manner with an attitude of gratitude.  Keep your ego in check.  Remember, you are dealing with an invisible world that has rules and power far beyond what you can imagine.  It is best to come with an open heart rather than a conquering one.

In addition to your Spirit Guides, I suggest using this same technique to figure out all of your questions about your path and set up a direct communication line with your guide or guides. All of this information is useful in becoming self sufficient on your path. This is about discovering the self and doing your inner work.  How can you really trust what others are telling you about your relationship with Spirit? It’s personal and this is a method and an opportunity to take charge and make a connection.  Try it, you might be surprised.

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer



3 thoughts on “Finding Your Guides

  1. Excellent post, the pendulum is a wonderful tool, I have more than one. I use one specifically for reiki, and the other for shamanic work. You can also carry it in your pocket or purse, making it a really convenient divination tool. Great Post!

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  2. Love this post, found you on a fb group I am on, you have gained a new follower as well 🙂

    I use dream and meditation, and if I don’t listen they make it very difficult to ignore them for long.
    The form changes with the lessons it feels it must teach.

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  3. I agree with you, dreams and meditation are such powerful tools, but for many beginners, a pendulum allows for confidence and more clarity. I think of it as a tool for transition. Once you can focus and get the energy flowing regularly then the others seem easier for many.


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