As He Moves In

Death is slow.

The relationship takes days,

weeks, as he creeps

along the wall,

a dark shadow visiting,



Few of us die quickly,

in our sleep,

in some horrible accident.


Most of us,

slowly waste away,

death nearby,

watching us


as our petals fall

one by one,

our stems dry up,

our leaves brown in

the sunlight.


This process of death

hovering nearby

day by day,

checking on us like a

long-lost childhood friend,


peering into the window eyes.


Death hulks in the corner of the room

as family trickles in and out

knowing he is there,

ignoring him.


Death stands at the foot of the bed,

watching our reactions, exchanges.

We watch

the dark wings of this angel

as our wife,



smooth the hair on our head,

kissing our forehead

like we’re children again.

Family patting our hand,

death says nothing

standing beside us,

at the head of our bed,

as we begin to agree with him,

contract for a new journey,

having said so many

I love yous and good-byes.


Our tired bodies,

are ready to stop,

our minds finally finding peace

as death holds our hands,

embrace us fully,

dark wings swaddling us

as we take our last breath,

a sigh of relief,

and let go.

2015 copyright by Katie Pifer




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