Making Gem Waters

Gem waters are a popular kind of essences.  I have written previously on how to make essences and you can find that article in this link:

The basic idea of an essence, in particular a gem essence is imbibing or programming a water base with the healing and energetic properties of a gem stone.  These can work gently on the subtle body to create spiritual healing or shifts on the energetic levels.  Unlike other forms of healing, essences have no contraindications and only work on you if that is a vibrational level that is right for you, so it is a gentle, no harm way of helping support your spiritual growth and use as a complimentary treatment with allopathic approaches. However, it must be noted that just because they are safe and gentle, does not mean that they are not powerful.  Essences can bring issues up to the service of your conscious mind to help you deal with them. An example of this is a rose quartz essence may bring hidden grief to the surface for you to deal with.  Experiencing grief, or other psychological emotions can be quite a powerful experience and can overwhelm you if you do not have the supports in place to help you deal with these surfacing issues.  Essences work both in the present time, your past in this lifetime as well as your past in other lifetimes, so an issue like grief can be quite intense, especially if it is compounded over many lifetimes.

There are some cautions that I like to highlight with gem waters or gem elixirs as they are also known that you may not have to worry as much about with other essences.  Many gems or rocks in general contain minerals in their chemical composition that may be toxic to the human body if taken internally or exposed to directly on the skin.  So unlike other methods of making essences where you place the object directly into the water to transfer the programming, I recommend using an indirect method where you surround the water container with the gemstones rather than directly submerging them.  This method is equally powerful in making an essence and takes nothing away from the process.

You can layer gem waters to create blends or essences of varying effects.  Consider things like planetary positions, astrological events, time, locations, ley lines, what the properties of the gems are and any other things that can influence an energy essence.  Remember that gemstones are ancient beings and with that have very unique properties and personalities.  Many gemstones have grown with specific directions or are balanced.  They vary in their molecular structure and replicate things like sacred geometry that you may not consider as deeply in other essences.  So take the time to really research and think about your essence and what it will do.  Experiment and have fun.  Here are some simple directions.


Purified water, spring or filtered- Do not use distilled water, it’s essentially dead water.

Clear glass or crystal bowl or container for making the essence in

Alcohol such as brandy (traditional), vodka, or grain alcohol, you want a high proof, this is a preservative

Gemstones that you are making an essences of



Fill a clear glass or crystal bowl with as much water as you want to make an essence with.  Surround your water container with the gemstones or place a second glass container without any water, but with the gemstones into the center of the other water bowl. For most gemstones the moon method is best, leave directly in moonlight for a minimum of three hours.  Remember that most gems are made in the darkness of the earth; however there are some that you can make in the sunlight; if you are using the sun method, make using exposure to the sun for a minimum of three hours. Cloudy days do not really make much of a difference; they will add an extra element to your essence.

Fill storage jars with 20 % alcohol of your choice. Fill the remaining way with your new essence. This is called a mother essence.

Store in mason jars or other type of pure glass jars. Keep in a dark, cool, dry place. Will keep 2-5 years but could keep indefinitely.

Essence purist, will tell you not to touch the gems with your bare hands, but rather use glass tongs or a to place it in the glass in the water bowl or surrounding it.  This way your energy will not influence the essence.  However, I believe, for myself anyway, part of my essences’ strengths is my own energy so I always impart a bit and not worry so much about that kind of detail; to each their own.  Also, with gemstones so many of them have been handled or polished first.  Also, you will need to smudge them before you begin to make sure that they are free of other energies.

There are also arguments for only making essences from local gemstones in your area, because there is greater power in the energy of your surrounding environment; that is the vibe of the place.  However, you can make an essence from stones that you have bought online, found yourself or bought in a store.

**I always ask the object of essence to partner with me in making the essence and give gratitude at the end.  I think that this is a vital part of the procedure that should not be overlooked and will result in the highest quality of essences.

** Also the purest water for essences will be filtered or natural and then frozen and thawed.


You can make essences out of anything and you can follow your intuition as to how you are going to make layers of energy in an essence.  Essence blends are recommended to not contain more than 4 or 5 different components but a skilled practitioner and manufacturer will know when a blend is right and balanced.  My rescue formulas have upwards of 8 components to them.  Be creative.  I make blends with emotions, shapes, colors, people, objects, all sorts of things. It is important to understand the energy of what you are making and what the results will be.  If you are making an essence using a color or a chakra, you need to understand all components of that color and chakra. The same is true for emotions or shapes.  You can make a symbol, glyph, sigil or shaped essence that is very powerful; think about things like Reiki waters, etc. Again, it is limited only by your imagination.


Gem waters: most gemstones are toxic when placed in water as many of their chemical components leach out in to the water.  This can actually be lethal.  My suggestion for overall safety is to always make gem waters using an indirect method, meaning that you place the stones around and under the water container rather than directly into the water.

**if you become ill for any reason after drinking an essence, seek medical advice and call your poison control center.**

2016 Copyright by Katie Pifer

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5 thoughts on “Making Gem Waters

  1. I’ve not made gem water because of not knowing the chemical construct of the gems themselves so I didn’t want to get sick. I think this is the first I’ve heard of the indirect method and can’t wait to try it out! Thank you for sharing.

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  2. You are so’s all energy work so there is no need to risk illness or worse..indirect is as powerful. Water as an element is amazing!


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