How to Make an Essence

I have written already on applications of essences and what essences are, but I have not shared with you how to create them.  The process is simple, yet requires focus, patience and some diligence in procedure.  I have previously described an essence as an auric imprint, or an energy imprint onto water, with flowers, plants, trees, shrubs, etc., it is the soul or spirit of the flower.  However, an essence can be made from anything.  I have also written on making moon waters, but essences from any astrological event are possible. When we are talking about essences in general, we are talking about imprinting the energy of the object or event onto water and using that contained energy for healing or making other energy imbibed products such as drinks, elixirs, beauty products like lotions or hydrosols, spiritual tools that require water can all be replaced with an essence to supercharge your product and add another layer of magic or energy to it. Here are the links to essences that I have previously written:

I think before we go further, we really need to spend sometime talking about water as an element and it’s various properties.  After all, it really is the water that makes this all possible.  Water is truly a very unique element, quite different from the other elements, fire, air, and earth.  The properties of water allow it to be very easily programmed.  It retains that programming until it is changed or frozen, then  thawed, which returns the water molecules to their original natural state of program, totally clear of any other influences.  Having said that, now you can understand really that when we are making an essence, we are energetically programming the water with the energetic properties of the object that we are trying to make an essence of.

So take for instance the flower lavender.  The essential oil or what we might refer to as the blood of the flower is a nervine; it has sedative properties and creates chemical changes in the body.  This is wonderful, but sometimes there is a danger of contraindications with medications or other reasons why you do not want to create chemical changes in the body.  Maybe you are sensitive or are in a situation such as a nursing home of other governmental institution where that is a big no-no.  Making a flower essence of the lavender flower can have the same calming energetic effects on the body without the worries of those chemistry shifts.

Flower essences help to slough off issues and calm in a really non-invasive and safe way.  If the energy is not right for you, it simply will not work at all.  Easy, no worries, however, if the essence is a good one for you it will work on your subtle body, your spirit, to help you move out those old patterns of behavior or strengthen you spiritually, energetically.  Essences work in a way that is gentle.  They work best by taking them more often, as in quantity of times rather than amounts of the essence you use.  So taking a bigger dose is simply a waste of product, but increasing does to three times a day or more can have a much greater effect. A good example of this is rescue remedy types of products.  If you find yourself in a crisis situation such as a car accident or other traumatic event, sipping or using a rescue remedy in one of the various applications every 5-15 minutes will have greater impact on you and help you with shock and other things that occur in your body as you process the event, than taking a large amount at once and then not repeating it.   Another example is using a rescue remedy type of product on a tantruming child often enough to help calm both for yourself and your little one.

I have my own life coaching business and I very often use custom essences with my clients to help them overcome issues that are too difficult for them to face.  Frequently, after a few weeks of using an essence or remedy the client may wake up one day and discover that the issue is suddenly not so big or that they have the strength to talk about it and let it go.  This is the beauty of essences.

I make essences for other purposes as well.  Currently, I am sending my last bottle of “Pot Shard” essence to a friend of mine.  I made it under a full super moon in my third eye chakra singing bowl with purified water surrounded by 1000 year old Hohokam pot shards and then a mandala of quartz crystals.  I left it overnight to “cook.”  I then bottled it with a 20% alcohol mix and some Frankincense oil.  The essence is to be used on the third eye before bed or meditation and will help with visions.  It is quite powerful stuff and I don’t recommend using more than once a week.

Another time I made an essence I call “Laughing Grandmothers” from the 13 Indigenous grandmothers.  Again I made it in a crystal singing bowl surrounded by a quartz crystal mandala and used an image of them together laughing in a wood.  I placed the image under the singing bowl and this time I left it out in the sunlight.  I added rose oil to the essence after bottling with a 20% alcohol mix.  Roses have the highest vibrations of all the flowers.  The essence is lovely and works great as a hydrosol spray.  It helps one to feel the warm embrace of laughing grandmothers, hugging you and providing the divine energy of ultimate mothering.  It is a quite wonderful lifter for those melancholy days in the rain.

I have also made essences for animals.  These can be great ways to help support transition times for animals or dissuade their fears or traumas without putting a whole lot of chemicals on them.  Animals have much simpler systems than we do and essences are extremely effective with them.  Some essences I have made for animals are: Pluckin’ Lucky for birds that pick their own feathers, Bully Be Gone, for homes where animals are fighting with one another, Grief for animals, Fear Fighters, for animals that are afraid with trauma or phobias; really the types and purposes of essences are limitless.  I always keep at least one variety of a rescue remedy at hand.  A little rescue remedy in a pond for new fish or the water for new chickens or other pets really helps them to adjust to new surroundings.

The last example of an essence blend I want to share with you was an experience I had at a spiritualist temple.  I was attending a service one weekend and one of the pastors was giving flower messages; that’s a psychic message from a flower.  She had a lovely bouquet of flowers and was selecting random people to give messages to and handing them a flower.  In her bouquet was an enormous sunflower but she kept putting it aside.  When she finished her messages she still had the remaining sunflower and made mention that it was broken and would not be used.  She placed it at the back of the room behind the altar.  That flower called out to me all during the remainder of the service.  It said, “Use me, use me.”  I could focus on nothing else!  So at the end of service I jumped up and went over to the pastor and asked to have the flower.  She said, “Oh, the stem is broken at the bend, see here.”  I told her I didn’t care that the flower had been speaking to me and that I would really like to honor it.  She gave it to me.  However, I was not going directly home. I was also given some mint fresh from someone’s garden.  I put the mint and the sunflower in an empty soda can filled with water and put it in my car.  Now, I live in Arizona and the daily temperatures get pretty high, so you can imagine what the interior car temperatures were.  When I got into the car for home, the mint was totally wilted but the flower was holding its own.  I brought it into the house for the night and put it in some fresh water and added a little rescue remedy to the water to help it. I kept asking it if it wanted to be used and in the morning it still said, “Yes!” So I floated the flower in some purified water in my crown chakra crystal singing bowl, surrounded it in a mandala of quartz crystals and put it out in the sunlight for the better part of the day.  I filtered it when it was done and added it to bottles with 20% alcohol mix.  That essence became Wounded Knee Sunflower essence; it helps people dealing with physical disabilities.  It is one of the most powerful essences I have made.   The lesson I think is in the partnership with the spirit of the flower and its desire to be useful.  I think that you will find in making essences, asking for spiritual partnership with your objects and also following your intuition and basic instruction of how to’s will lead you to successful essence making.


Purified water, spring or filtered- Do not use distilled water, it’s essentially dead water.

Clear glass or crystal bowl or container for making the essence in

Alcohol such as brandy (traditional), vodka, or grain alcohol, you want a high proof, this is a preservative

Object that you are making an essence of


Fill a clear glass or crystal bowl with as much water as you want to make an essence with. Add plant material, flowers, leaves, etc. of the essence you are intending to make.  You want to cover the surface of the water with the material.  For most flowers and plants the sun method is best, leave directly in sun for a minimum of three ours. If you are using moon flowers of any type, make using exposure to moon for a minimum of three hours. Cloudy days do not really make much of a difference; they will add an extra element to your essence.

Carefully strain using cheese cloth and a brand new cleansed, detergent free strainer.  You want to strain because any plant parts will begin to break down and mold.

Fill storage jars with 20 % alcohol of your choice. Fill the remaining way with your new essence. This is called a mother essence.

Store in mason jars or other type of pure glass jars. Keep in a dark, cool, dry place. Will keep 2-5 years but could keep indefinitely.

Essence purist using flowers, will tell you not to touch the flower with your bare hands, but rather use glass tongs or a leaf to pick the flower and place it in the water bowl.  This way your energy will not influence the essence.  However, I believe, for myself anyway, part of my essences’ strengths is my own energy so I always impart a bit and not worry so much about that kind of detail; to each their own.

There are also arguments for only making essences from local flowers in your area, because there is greater power in the energy of your surrounding environment; that is the vibe of the place.  However, you can make an essence from flowers that you have bough bare root online, cultivated yourself or bought in a store, grocery, flower shop, landscape place, but you have to make sure that the essence has not been sprayed with any poisons, otherwise you will make a poison essence and it will make you very sick.

**I always ask the object of essence to partner with me in making the essence and give gratitude at the end.  I think that this is a vital part of the procedure that should not be overlooked and will result in the highest quality of essences.

** Also the purest water for essences will be filtered or natural and then frozen and thawed.


You can make essences out of anything and you can follow your intuition as to how you are going to make layers of energy in an essence.  Essence blends are recommended to not contain more than 4 or 5 different components but a skilled practitioner and manufacturer will know when a blend is right and balanced.  My rescue formulas have upwards of 8 components to them.  Be creative.  I make blends with emotions, shapes, colors, people, objects, all sorts of things. It is important to understand the energy of what you are making and what the results will be.  If you are making an essence using a color or a chakra, you need to understand all components of that color and chakra. The same is true for emotions or shapes.  You can make a symbol, glyph, sigil or shaped essence that is very powerful; think about things like Reiki waters, etc. Again, it is limited only by your imagination.


Gem waters: most gemstones are toxic when placed in water as many of their chemical components leach out in to the water.  This can actually be lethal.  My suggestion for overall safety is to always make gem waters using an indirect method, meaning that you place the stones around and under the water container rather than directly into the water.

Also using plant materials, if you are going to ingest a flower or plant essence, make sure the plant isn’t poisonous.  Any oils from the plant that have leached into the water or energetic properties of a poisonous plant can have serious if not fatal results.  Use your common sense.  There are many applications for essences other than ingesting that are just as effective. Here’s a link to different applications.

**if you become ill for any reason after drinking an essence, seek medical advice and call your poison control center.**

2016 Copyright by Katie Pifer

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