Tobacco Wraps or Prayer Ties

This technique was again shared with me by a friend of mine who has given me permission to share it with you.  The lesson is of Cherokee teachings, Bird clan. Tobacco wraps can be used as talismans added to tools or used on their own to provide protection or other forms of spiritual help. They are also used in sweat lodges and have many other purposes. They are simple but imbibed with blessings from the Guardians of the Directions.  The procedure may seems simple but it is powerful a quite effective in whatever application that your intent uses them for. The Technique is from a Cherokee practice, but the words are my own.

You will need for a basic protection bundle:

Red cloth of a natural fiber, cotton, linen, muslin, etc

Red yarn, thread, string, or floss also of a natural material



Ground yourself and smudge, usually using sage, but this is your experience and you can change it any way you want.

Make sure all of your materials are also smudged and clear energetically.

Cut the cloth into small squares large enough for your bundle purposes, but small enough to not be wasteful.

Cut pieces of your yarn or other tying material enough to wrap three times and knot each bundle three times.

Consider what the bundle is for, protection in the house, prayer ties, feather bundles, or other purposes, this will help you to decide the sizes of cloth, wrap, and tobacco needed.

Lay out your materials in an orderly way so that you can give offerings to all of the directions and then place the tobacco on the appropriate cloth and move to the next bunch of offerings for blessings.

Being well grounded, energetically clear, and with an honest intent and dedication to the task is a must for successful blessings from the directional Guardians.


In your left hand and starting in the East pinch a small amount of tobacco together and hold it up to the sky and in your mind or out loud, declare as an offering to the Guardians of the East the pinch of tobacco, tell them that you honor them, ask them to imbibe it with protection, (or whatever other purpose you are requesting,) and thank them for their help and guidance.

Turn toward the South, West and finally North and each time repeating your offering of tobacco, addressing formally the guardian of that direction and giving gratitude.  You will do this with each amount of tobacco for each bundle.

Fold in the four corners of the cloth covering the tobacco pile in the middle, using the string or other material you have selected, wrap the bundle three times, setting your intent and binding the purpose, knotting at the end three times and ending with the words, “So mote it be.” Again, these are my own words, as I think that prayer to protectors should be your own. Repeat this for each bundle.  You can then attach bundles to any tools or other locations that you wish to be protected.


You can use different colors for different tasks; it is limited only by your imagination.  I have attached tobacco bundles to tools such as feathers, Athame, amulets, and witch balls; also I have used them in a grid system in my home or a specific room for added protection.

As I have found them useful in various applications, sometimes I add oils, other herbs, or crystals to the wrap.  However, the traditional way is as I have outlined above as taught to me.

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer

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