So You’re Starting on a Spiritual Path….

So you are beginning to awaken and make choices for yourself of a more spiritual nature but you are unsure of what direction you want to go in, that’s ok, and normal!

A lot of people wrestle with this very issue.  It can be confusing and it isn’t so easily laid out for everyone.  There are many ways to practice spirituality.  It’s really about getting to know yourself and your relationship with others, the world, and the universe.  This can include relationships with natures, deities, or something else.  It is totally unique to you.  You can create any type of a practice that you want. There is no right or wrong way.  There are some very organized more religious routes to spirituality and then there are some more eclectic routes in which you pick and choose various practices from the great variety that is out there.

My personal path is what I call a traditional eclectic witch.  I was trained by a sixth-generation traditional witch, but I incorporate my up brining of Quakerism and knowledge from formal education into my practice.  I also pull from many other religions aspects that I find to be effective forms of energy work.  For me, the journey is about finding my spiritual truths more than being pigeon-holed into some specific label.

Whatever the case, my feeling is that this is a very unique and personal journey. So, having said that, I want to shift gears a bit and say that despite the multitude of possibilities in paths, there are some basics that I consider to be vital regardless of what path you take.  These are for everybody, and I mean everybody.  I’m talking about a strong energy or spiritual hygiene foundation.

A spiritual or energy hygiene foundation and practice is a must for every person on the planet.  I don’t care if you consider yourself an atheist or a Satanist, Luciferian or Christian, Muslim, or Jew; we have subtle energy bodies which science is proving more and more every day.  The ancients knew this, the Chinese knew this and we are beginning to remember it again and rediscover what was lost.  Native American cultures and other cultures across the globe from the deepest parts of the rainforest to deserts, high mountain plains and frozen tundras have some basis in their culture of energetic or spiritual health.  It is imperative that we pay closer attention to this in our daily lives and begin to take care in this area to improve our overall well being.

By paying closer attention to the subtle body and its issues we can feel better, stave off disease and in general be more in tuned with the world around us.  You don’t have to believe in God or a higher power to do this necessarily, but you may find that you begin to after a while.  I’m not here to try and convince you or recruit you.  I am merely discussing taking care of your own body; it is part of your physical body after all, and sharing some of my knowledge of basic tools.

There are three major areas that I feel are the cornerstones of a strong foundation; they are grounding, cleansing, and protection.  Each of these three skills; they are skills and need to be strengthened like newly developing muscles, provides you with an important aspect to good energetic hygiene.  They when practiced in a daily routine like brushing your teeth or showering will begin to strengthen and help you feel better, more connected, and more in balance within yourself and the world around you.

The first is grounding.  Grounding is basically being connected to the earth or ground so that you can release and gain, exchange if you will energy.  This is important for feeling balanced as well as a protection to keep you connected to this physical plane if you believe in those kinds of things. Here are some links that will help you in that area.  They are a progression of skills.

Here’s a link for additional grounding activities that you might find helpful:

The second area is cleansing.  This is vital to good spiritual or energy health and needs to be done at a minimum daily but often more than once.  Have you ever felt slimed after an interaction with an unpleasant person, or drained after being around someone?  These are both indications that you have energy around you that has become dirty and needs to be cleaned of both the dense energy as well as searched for things like implants or entities.  Oh my, I’ve used that word entities… Well, the truth of the matter is that just like invisible germs there are invisible entities that stick in our energy field. Just like using soap, a good energy cleansing will take care of that for you as well.  Don’t freak out.  Here are some links to a progression of exercises that will help you in this area.

Here’s an additional link to other cleansing exercises or ideas that you may also find great to use:

The last area is protection.  This encompasses really two areas, the first being the body and the second your space.  Just like cleaning your house with a broom and locking your doors, you need to protect and cleanse your energetic space.

Protecting your body includes many methods to create safety precautions for spiritual work or just everyday basic safety. Imagine putting on spiritual or energetic sunscreen if you will.  You want to keep your physical and subtle body free from all sorts of energy disruptions.  These can include things like psychic attacks or just as simple the grumpy person next to you.  You certainly don’t want those vibes rubbing off on you.  Here are some links to help you in that area.

Protecting your space, like locking your doors, can include a huge plethora of things from the very simple to the very elaborate.  You want you home or sacred space to be a sanctuary where you can let your guard down a little.  You want your space to feel warm, inviting, loving, not spiky and unwelcoming.  When you walk through the door, it’s important to feel good when you come home. Here are some exercises to get you going in that area.

Here’s another link with some more goodies:

Science is proving more and more that we are what we think. If we can maintain these three areas in a more balanced way by incorporating them into our daily routines we can improve the overall well being of our lives, influence how we feel, think and interact with others.  This is tantamount to good health and safety and creates a strong foundation to any spiritual path you may choose.  These exercises are by means the only exercises out there.  There are as many ways to do these things as there are unique paths, but for the beginner or someone who is unsure of themselves these are great starting points.  So try them and see the difference. Notice how you feel in your body, in your life, in interactions and relationships with others.  You will see a change.  Try it for a week, a month; it’s a great experiment, even if you are a skeptic.  What do you have to lose?  You only have everything to gain!

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer



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