I head toward water,

peninsula, warm bath water,

baptismal pool.


I am led here,

I am called through the desert,

its song on cactus needles

beckons to me,

come, come, venga, venga.


The salty sea

purifies, cleanses.

Let it wash from me my past life.

Neutralize my energy in the briny sea.

Neutralize my negativity,

my body, my mind, my Spirit.

Clear my cells.


Let our waters become one,

mingle, purify,

strange osmosis,

the sea and me.


Create a new covenant in this rebirth.

Allow me to emerge from these baptismal waters

in the eddies of oneness.

Allow me to transform.


I enter these waters with a pure heart,

an open mind,

expect to be taken.

I am yours to do with as you will,

I surrender in faith.


Spirit of the sea,

of the winds,

of the sands,

stand by me,

lend me your energy.


I am reborn.

I emerge from these waters,

held up,

baptized again.


Send me these witnesses on the shore,

strangers at my rebirth,

wise men;

let them follow stars

to my new life.

2015 copyright by Katie Pifer available at




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