It all came rushing in on me,

the fire,

the undead ex-husband,

the old lover,

the time, the place.


It came like a tidal wave

washing over me in

saltwater tears,

tsunami of emotional force,

taking out everything in its wake;

my security,

confidence, self assurance,

my sense of freedom.


It came at night,

when I was alone in the dark,

in the quiet small hours,

when I was defenseless,

most vulnerable.

I should have cremated the memories,

sending ash to the four directions,

but I didn’t,

leaving them in some urn

in a forgotten closet of my mind.


Then you came,

with those memories,

back to bury me,

covering me in your dirt,

and fertilizer.

What you didn’t realize;

I was a seed.

2015 Copyright by Katie Pifer available at

seed 7


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