Creating and Maintaining Positive Energy in Your Home

Recently, I was asked about a situation in a home that seemed to be caused by some negative spiritual influences.  What was originally perceived as perhaps some activity of a supernatural kind, turned out in fact to be more closely linked to pockets of negative and stagnant energy that was impacting the homeowners. After sometime, it was recommended to make some shifts in how they were handling stress and other types of energy in the home.  Which of course, prompted the writing of this article as a list of ways that you can create a more harmonious home whether you are a magical, person, a spiritual person, or just consider yourself a regular muggle.  These ideas can help you to feel a greater sense of connection to self and happy vibrations; who wouldn’t want that, right?  So here’s my list:

Invite Nature around your home:

Planting a garden whatever the size, even a fairy garden can greatly affect your home and positive energy flow. Even potted plants around your door way can add positive energy to your entry way. Rosemary is a great outdoor plant that is advantageous to have near the door.

Placing bird feeders in view of windows not only adds to a sense of movement, the element of air, but also brings in the fresh energy of nature indoors.  Other ideas include bird, bee, bat, or butterfly houses, or out door fountains in which any of those critters can enjoy a drink and you can enjoy watching them and hearing the water flow.

Open your windows, let in the light as well as the breeze, both of these things contribute to clean air and fresh flow. Sunlight brings about an overall sense of well being, plus if you sit in the sun for 15 minutes a day you will get your daily dose of vitamin D in the most natural way possible.

Bringing in fresh or cut flowers is another way to bring nature indoors. The vibration, scent, and addition of color can shift energy.  However, leaving dead flowers in a vase will have the opposite effect.


A wonderful way to add loving energy to your home is with pets.  They add an unconditional love vibration.  Research has shown that petting your fur-kin reduces heart rates and blood pressure.  It can reduce feelings of loneliness as well as be another layer of protection for your home. Remember to pamper your pets and they will repay you with even more love.  How can you go wrong with that?


Creating a clear open path to your entry way allows for positive energy to flow to your door way; additions like a clear, easily visible house number and talismans like a Hamsa, Mezuzah, or other protections to your entry way.


Having soft furniture rather than hard edged or sharp edged lines in furniture is a way to soften the energy of your home. It will roll gently over a piece rather than becoming a jagged energy line.

Position your furniture so that you feel safe and protected.  An example would be placing your bed so that you can see the bedroom door and your couch so you can see the front doorway rather than having a doorway behind your head where you can not see who is entering the room.  This creates an environment of protection and security.

Also, consider brightly colored accents to keep the energy at a high vibrational level and the energy moving throughout the space.

Consider your lighting.  Well light rooms can add to feelings of security and comfort as opposed to rooms that do not provide enough lighting for activities.


Consider putting sayings or words throughout the home.  When your eye falls upon them your brain will read them and align with the vibrational frequency.  Choose words like Love, Gratitude, Peace, etc. This is like spell work in its most basic form.

When painting a room, first paint in the same color as the wall color symbols, words, or other types of incantations to create hidden vibrational sources.

Creating a space that is clutter free can add to energetic movement.  Dirt and stagnant energy can get stuck in cluttered pockets. A regular deep cleaning and de-cluttering can assist in maintaining optimum energy flow.

Art has a strong vibration, adding art to your décor will not only keep the energy moving but also the eye and stimulate the brain.  Uplifting pieces will raise your mood and help to prevent melancholia.

Including additional décor like candles, plants, table top fountains also keep positive energy flowing in your home.  Think of incorporating the four elements, earth, water, air, fire.


Taupes, tans, and beiges are common neutrals in many homes, but they can support moods of depression and stagnation. By adding a focal wall of color or color in your furniture or accessories you can increase the vibrational energy of an environment.  This also helps the eye and the senses to move around a room.

If you are interested in more decor focused on the elements, you can check out this article I wrote about grounding with the elements.  Here’s the link:


Attaching small strips of paper or material with prayers, spells, or positive statements to windows or ceiling fans helps to spread that energy as the air and breeze catches them.  Prayer flags out doors or just a few ribbons with prayers on them, can have wonderful intention of positivity for your home.


Playing soothing music adds to soft energy flow and keeps things in a harmonious balance.  The faster the music such as rock and metal, the more frenetic the energy will be in the home.  Consider what moods you are trying in evoke in your home.

Bells of all kinds are used ritually to break up energy. Ringing a bell in the four corners of a room on a regular basis can maintain a clear space.

Think about how you speak in your home.  Do you use positive language to communicate with family or is there harsh words and yelling.  This is part of what makes up the energy of a home.  Speak in a loving way and the energy will be loving.  Fill the space with negative talk, worrisome concerns, or arguing and that is the energy being created in that space.

Crystal Singing bowls or Tibetan singing bowls are a lovely way to enjoy shifting energy in your space.

Incense or Oils:

Having a clean or positive scent can enhance mood and create shifts in energy.  Try these as incenses, hydrosols, or in essential oil diffusers.

Lavender- calming

Rose- love and highest vibration

Jasmine- love and friendship

Frankincense- calm and peace

Patchouli- grounding, stability

Here’s a link to some recipes for spiritual cleansing sprays:


Using Sage, Palo Santo, Sandalwood or other substances for smudging clears the air spiritually as well as works on antibacterial levels or more depending on the type of smudge you select. Daily or weekly smudging rituals can make a huge difference in your overall well being and general atmosphere in your home. This brings in the elements of air in the smoke, fire in the burn, and earth in the herbs. If you use a shell to catch your ash and hold your smudge, then you also bring in a water element. Here’s a link to introductory protection of spaces. It includes smudging as well as other ways to protect ans cleanse your environment:


Pink Himalayan Salt lamps have a lot of healing and beneficial properties. Additionally, the use of salt is an energy neutralizer and can help keep negativity down in your home.  Creating a blend of salt and water in a squirt bottle can also be used in areas where it is necessary to dispel negative energy or just neutralize the energy that is present.

House plants:

Plants are a wonderful way to bring in earth energy as well as address the element of air in their purifying properties.  Greenery brings life to a home.

Spider plant- removes carbon monoxide and other toxins, or impurities. NASA deems one of best plants for removing formaldehyde.

Bamboo- considered lucky and general air purifier

Golden pathos- Most effective indoor air purifiers, removes xylene, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, and carbon monoxide as well as others

Philodendrons- general air purifier

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) – removes mold spores, formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethelyne

Bamboo Palm- Natural humidifier, removes formaldehyde

Sansevieria (Mother-in-Law’s Tongue) – absorbs nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde

Areca Palm- general air purifying, chemical and toxin remover

Dwarf date palm- general air purifier

Bamboo Palm- removes formaldehyde and benzene

Boston Fern- removes chemicals and pollutants

Lady Palm- air purifier

Dracaena Janet Graig- removes trichloroethelyne

Ficus Alii- air purifier


You can crate a simple crystal grid in a room by placing a crystal in each corner and once in the center and activate it with your intention.  You can create a grid with your entire house in it by placing a crystal in each of the four corners of your house and a central crystal in the middle of the house and activating the grid with your intention. Just remember that you’ll have to cleanse and charge your crystals on a regular basis, usually with the moon cycles, but it depends on what crystals you choose. They are also an earth element.

Amethyst – sets boundaries, reduces anxiety, control and assertion of authority

Prehnite- allows for sympathy rather than empathy to prevent absorption of other’s negative emotions

Labradorite- prevents irrational fear, order out of chaos

Onyx- absorbs negative energy, general protection (bury to cleanse)

Black tourmaline- shield from negative energy

Smokey Quartz- cloak of invisibility, allowing undisturbed time, removes vulnerabilities

Obsidian- cleanses and clears constantly, reflects negativity bask to source

Clear Quartz- protects reputation, amplifies other energies

Citrine- motivation, protection of finances

Rose quartz- enhances love vibrations, protects relationships

Jade- protects health and family, brings luck and prosperity

Selenite- deflects negative energy

Turquoise- divine protection

Fire agate- sends negative back to the source

Aventurine- prosperity, protects job / career

So here I have given you a large list of ways that you increase positive vibrational energy in your home.  There are many more ways, the list is no where near exhausted.  Be creative and see what works for you.  Having a home that adds to your well being rather than contributing to negative aspects of life is a key to all around basic physical and spiritual health. So try some of these out and see how small changes can have a big impact on your home environmental energies.

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  1. WOW!!!! thanks for a huge list to work from. love the rosemary by the door, and the bird activity by windows. I’ll have to work on a few others… keep on helping us flow that energy. have a great weekend friend. momentummikey 🙂

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