Gypsy Wind

I watch an unusual storm roll in

from the southeast,

darkening the Rincon Mountains,

rare June rain in the distance,

El Niño hurricane rolling up

the California coast

pushing winds and water

toward the Arizona desert.


I think of rustic poems,

cowboy songs,

wide open spaces in

Montana or Wyoming.


I am ready for a change,

hurricane patterns stirring

the gypsy in me,

needing to travel –

to faraway places.


I haven’t been there

since I was a girl.


I still see myself as a girl,

more than a woman.

I think of open spaces

with my dog

and my pen,

lying in grasses

among wildflowers and bees,

feeling earth’s breath upon me,

within me.


Poetry falls from my pen.

I wonder who I am.

A New Jersey native

in Arizona for years,

preferring quiet ranch life

to the cacophony of cities.


I am no more special—

than anyone else.

All I can do is write

and drift

in the direction

the winds blow me.


It is time to go again,

my dog and me

with the wandering wind.

2015 copyright by Katie Pifer available at

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4 thoughts on “Gypsy Wind

  1. Thanks Carol! I have actually six books organized and ready..I’m just trying to navigate create space! LOL..Daunting task! I’m currently working on the blog and a book of short stories!


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