Driving on Tucson Streets

in springtime

is a dangerous endeavor.


I am driven

to distraction

by floods of floral beauties

modeling latest fashions

along the roadside.


White clusters of Yucca bells

ringing in Texas Rangers

and Laurels in hues of purple.


Ironwoods in mauve.

Desert Willows with

unmistakable lemony scent

display orchid like blooms

in shades ranging from

palest lilac to raucous magenta.


White crowned saguaros elevate

low Hasper aloes as they

rocket coral shoots

toward the blue-eyed sky.


Mexican Bird of Paradise,

flaming flowers


red, orange, and finally yellow.


It is as if each floral bonnet

is in competition with the next

for honorable mention

in an Easter parade.


The drive excites me.

It could be Fifth Avenue in New York

as easily as Speedway Boulevard in Tucson.


I am a gasp with

the magnificence of color here.

Like a bee collecting pollen

at each flower,

I am alive with the task,

inspecting each new branch or shoot.


I can hardly notice cars

zooming past me,



It’s possible I’m a danger,

or perhaps they are,

I can’t be sure.

I can hardly help myself—

or keep in lane

taking in such splendor!

2015 copyright by Katie Pifer available at

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