These Three Aunties

                         –For Juliette Sanchez Sotomayor


These three aunties, titis,

Puerto Rican mamas,

Shakespearean weird sisters,

casting spells

upon our hearts.


Without them,

no familia,

no structure,

no love,

no sofrito!


How can we go on

when the trinity is lost?

A Shakespearean tragedy:

What can Romeo do

without his beloved Juliette?

Her name upon his lips

and ours.

Her name upon HIS lips,

HIS will, not ours.


HIS lips,

like butterfly wings,

light and miraculous.

Her name upon them

like butterfly kisses,

magical, tragic.


Shakespeare was right

to describe her

in the east,

Juliette was the sun,

her departure

too soon,

too soon.


How does a day begin

without sunrise?

The moon cannot follow

the sun if it isn’t there.


How is time marked

without a rising sun?

There is no time,

 no space,

only love,

and Juliette.


In this darkest hour

the moon will find

new direction,

new orbit,

as is HIS will,

but none so bright,

no path as illuminated,

now that we have lost

our Juliette.

2015 copyright by Katie Pifer available at

3 titis


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