New York City’s topless law,

equality in the Big Apple.

Female entrepreneurs

able to show their wares,

merchants of love,

merchants of sex,

merchants of flesh,

buying, selling the body,

buying, selling love.

Pimps, slave owners,

renting out their property, landlords of flesh,

slum lords.

Tell someone, you are not property,

you cannot be bought, sold.

The body may have a price,

but the soul, the soul is boundless,

free from these trivial bonds.

Tell someone.

Sell your flesh, sell your body.

If someone purchases your love

for an hour,

for fifteen minutes,

for however long it takes

in the back of somebody’s

smelly car,

tell someone.

The purchase price is yours,

your worth, in the eyes of men.

Fight, fight for those few dollars,

dollars for dignity,

or walk away,

leaving it behind,

close up your shirt, like closing up shop,

no longer displaying your wares

for window shoppers to browse in,

to handle the merchandise.

Walk away,

begin again,

with something as simple,

as dignified,

as honorable

as your birthright,

your name.

2015 copyright by Katie Pifer available at

nude nyc topless girl


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