Sewing a Healing Cloth

**Any Healing discussed is spiritual Healing. Seek Medical advice and help for any ailments.  This is in no way treatment of any medical issues other than spiritual healing**

Healing cloths are a very old tradition and in some cases really becoming a lost art in the modern world.  They can follow the path of the handkerchief that at one time were found every man’s pocket and woman’s purse.  These cloths take the idea of the handkerchief a step further and are imbued with magical intent and spell work for healing.

Historically, healing or prayer cloths have crossed every culture.  In Jewish traditions, a Tallit Gadol, or Tallit for short, is worn during morning prayers. Christian religions have deep roots from priest stoles, to prayer shawls, and smaller prayer cloths.  The Shroud of Turin is one of the most famous healing or prayer cloths known.  You can find them in Persian cultures, Islamic cultures, African cultures, and in many more.  In fact, if you looked hard enough, I’m sure you would find some variation in every culture in history.  Most cloths are anointed in some way, blessed by religious prayer or intention, asked for deity blessings, or imbued with one’s own magical energy.  In ancient times, warriors would carry them into battle with them for protection and healing against wounds.

When I went into a major surgery several years ago, I wore one on my head under my surgery cap to help channel energy through my crown chakra and have things go smoothly.  My mother’s church prayed for me and sent me two prayer shawls that had been handmade and blessed.  I still have them today.  Each one is quite different and yet still lovely, I often wrap myself in them when I am not feeling well.

There are many methods and uses, but I’m going to talk about a basic white cloth with some simple stitching around the edge to start.  I use these cloths in a disposable fashion with my clients, so I don’t like to put a lot of extra fancy stuff of them.  My intention is for healing and the ability to be disposable if need be.  I sometimes soak them in castor oil, flower essences or use them with healing clays or other oils.  Sometimes the substances that I use make them stained or discolored and therefore it is not desirable to keep them for use again.

I have used them with clients who have suffered rape or other forms of sexual abuse and soaked in flower essences to help heal the body’s cellular memory of those traumas.  You can see how, these type of applications are not really desirable for reuse.  However you use them, the idea is that you are able to have many smaller cloths on hand and to be able to make them rather quickly and regularly.

For cloths that have a different type of healing intent such as grief or chronic illnesses, I’d make a larger one with more embellishments.  You can explore those and your creativity in making them on your own.  For now, I’m just focusing on a simple white cloth with thread.

Much in the same way you prepare for making a magical bag or cloak, as I wrote in a previous post, the preparation work is the same. Here’s a link to that post:

Now, many people purchase premade, store bought white handkerchiefs that can still be found in the men’s section of Wal-Mart or similar stores and those are fine. However, for me I have been taught and feel through my own experiences, that sewing your own cloth from scratch, laying the intentions and spell work directly into each stitch makes a far superior product.  The intent is clear and strong, as are the spells woven into the material.  Even adding things like knotting or beading strengthens the overall magical workings.  I recommend trying your own, even if it is very small and primitive in the beginning; I can assure you that it will be quite powerful.

The first step for any project is acquiring your materials.  In this case as with all others, whether you are purchasing your base materials such as cloth, needles, thread, pins, beads or anything else you might use, or if you have the materials handy already, you must cleanse them and charge them with the intent of your purpose.  This is important in creating magical tools. So, when I say cleanse, I am talking about spiritual cleansing not throwing the material in a washing machine.  Although, actual washing may be an added step before cleansing spiritually if you have new material.

Once you have cleansed and dedicated your materials you need to have a purified space where you can keep all of your materials while you are not working on them.  This can be a box of some type, a basket, or other place where you keep projects.  However, for this type of work and to maintain a strong energy tie and the dedicated connections without contamination, it also needs to be a cleansed container and you must keep all other projects out of it.  This is only for this project and to maintain the integrity of the energy.

Now I want to add that before you start any cleansing of objects and intention dedication, it is important that you spiritually cleanse yourself.  If you omit this step you are only contaminating the entire project.  Additionally, every time you want to begin working on the project after a break, you need to re-cleanse yourself.  We are constantly bombarded with entities and all sorts of energies daily.  It is important for good spiritual hygiene and to maintain the purest project energetically as possible to cleanse daily.

I like to start with some nice white cotton flannel.  I cut it into about 6”X 6” squares, but you can cut any size you want or need.  I then use for a basic healing cloth, green embroidery thread.  I like a medium green, maybe even a bit on the gray-green side or olive side.  This is my personal preference, but for basic healing I use green.  You can also use pink as a healing option. It is whatever really speaks to you. I have used pink in sexual abuse female victims or rape victims, for male, I stick to the green ones.

I was taught that whenever you start magic or energy work to always begin on the left, “lead with your heart,” is the phrase used.  So I always start my projects on the left side. With your thread as you make your first knot; focus on your intent for the project.  This is your foundational energy. Then, begin your sewing in stitches in sets of three, all the time weaving your intent and spell work.  If you are adding beading with each stitch, do that in threes as well.   That also becomes part of the working and anchors the overall intent and spell.  I use a simple blanket stitch around the edges.  Nothing fancy but finishes the raw edge of the material nicely.

Continue to work along your project in sections of three, all the time weaving intent and spells into the fabric and thread. The tricky part of this is maintaining your intent.  This is dedicated energy work, spell work, and takes time and patience, but will yield the greatest results for you.  You cannot get this kind of intention with store bought items, in my opinion. Continue to work around the cloth until it is complete.

To finish your cloth, you simply do your final knotting and complete your spell work.  I always end with, “so mote it be.” However, you can complete your workings in what ever your tradition is.


You can add symbols, sigils, glyphs, flowers, or other additions sewn into the fabric.   Sometimes people add names, or initials.  There are endless possibilities.

If you are crocheting, knitting, quilting, embroidering, looming, or using any other form of sewing the groupings are in threes.  If you are using other techniques of styles, you can create your own rhythm for what works best both for you and your intention.

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