I have no children,

no legacy to carry on my name,

my DNA,

my code,

none but the poem.

It is all my body will produce.

It carries my rhythm,

my soul,



life lessons and failures.

I have expectations of the poem,

like any parent would.

I expect performance,


a good life,

to be well liked,


I expect it to live on

well past my life.

2015 copyright by Katie Pifer available at

child DNA


5 thoughts on “Offspring

  1. Maria das Graças disse:Lina, a minha neta vai adorar esse post. Ela adora maquiage e sabe tudo sobre o assunto. Ela ficou feliz da vida, igual a um pintinho no lixo, em Paris, no último mês de outubro. Visitou várias perfumarias, foi maquiada várias vezes e em diversos lugares, comprou muitos produtos mas o melhor foi que ela aprendeu e muito. E entendeu que menos é mais. Esapeielmcnte no caso dela, jovem e linda.


  2. / I don't see how you go from "tragic burdens" to Obama hating white Europeans. And the term "tragic" is accurate. Land swindling, forced removal, and outright massacres should certainly be called tragic. Yes, all that stuff was done all over the world at the time, but that doesn't make it right. We should acknowledge our history, both the good and the bad.Yes, there were contributions from people who already lived here. Have you ever eaten corn or potatoes?


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