Apologies to a Firefighter

  -For John Byrne

I’m sorry that the call came

with an address you already knew,

and you witnessed your virginal bed

burned to a metal frame,

charring your memories of sweet love

and tender times.


I’m sorry that you

and your crew risked your lives

to save the structure of that old place,

where once I lain my childhood head,

where once my heart’s song sang,

where once my dreams were made,

where I began my day.

But that was just a house,

it is not my home,

it was an outline,

a shelter for a time.

You hold memories in the heart,

not in beams, wood,

and plaster seams.


I know you thought it was me you’d rescue,

but I was not there.

I know you would again swoop in

on your horse-powered truck,

emblems shining through smoke and fire,

to save the day.


It’s good to know where there’s a hero

when one is needed.

2015 copyright by Katie Pifer available at http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com



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