Wings Meditation-Lightening Burdens, Energizing

Get into a comfortable position either sitting or lying down.

Drop a grounding cord from the center of your body and lock it into place in the center of the earth so that anything not for your highest good or no longer serving you can be released and neutralized.

Take a deep breath. Continue to breathe in slow steady breaths allowing with each exhale to relax you further.

Close your eyes and allow all tension to flow out of your body slowly like sand through your fingers.

Start at your head and neck, with each breath you feel lighter, less tense.

Take a deeper breath.

Let the stress from your back, and shoulders, ease away; allowing this stress to release down our grounding cord.

Your arms and hands lighten until you don’t notice them.

Focus now on your chest and belly. Let any tightness held there be released with each breath.

Take a deeper breath.

Feel the weight of your legs slowly ease as you move your focus down your thighs to your knees.  Let go of tension there. Slowly feel your calves and ankles releasing any stress or tension.  Allow tightness through your feet and toes to slide away.

Take a deeper breath.  You are fully relaxed, safe and at ease.

Imagine now that you have giant graceful wings.  As you experience their strength, you notice that you have been gently lifted off of the ground.

With each breath you go higher and higher.  You feel lighter and lighter, nothing is able to weigh you down.

As you look around, you notice that the landscape is changing. Your perspective shifts as things get smaller.  They seem less important to you.  You find yourself among the leaves of the trees.

Although you are going higher and higher, you feel safe and protected; you have no fear, no concern.

Slowly you rise.  You can feel the warmth of the sun on your face and body.  It is reassuring to you. The warmth encircles you, protecting you, cradling you.

You are now moving through the clouds.  You can feel the humidity increasing, cooling you slightly, and bathing in soft purifying touches of unfallen rain.

As you move through the clouds, past them, you are enthralled by the dance of light on the tops of the clouds.

You feel lighter and lighter; leaving any burdens behind you, losing any sense of importance to them.  It is only you now in this moment, free, light, and warm. You are safe and protected, cleansed by the clouds and water particles within them.  This is a new moment to create positive thoughts of love and compassion. Connect with your higher self and allow only the highest vibrations of love to be experienced.  You are hardly noticing your body.  You are floating in your higher self mindset, creating positive thoughts and vibrations, allowing yourself to resonate only at the highest frequencies of love.

You are moving now to the outer atmosphere of the earth. You notice the contours of the land, the continents.

As you look up, you notice the darkness around you except for the lights of the stars, planets and your own light of energy.

You are floating in space; weightless, safe and protected, comfortable.  You are neither hot nor cold, you feel at ease and at the right temperature for you. You can breathe with ease.  Your strong wings can carry you where you desire.

As you look around, you notice beautiful colors of galaxies and nebulas; the gases of creation, an artist’s palate.  You can feel the energies of the universe filling you, charging your energy.

As you float weightless in space, releasing all that weighed you down, you allow these energies to recharge and enliven your spirit.  You can feel the energy pulsing throughout every cell in your body.

AS you fill up, slowly you begin to descend back toward the earth.

Soon the darkness fades as you re-enter the blue of earth’s atmosphere.  The warmth and brightness of the sun is in contrast with the coolness and moisture of the clouds as they compete for your attention.  You feel alive and joyful. Energized and excited about your life.  You slowly continue to move downward toward the ground, passing the birds in the trees.  As you feel the weight of gravity returning to you, you notice it feels lighter with out your emotional and spiritual burdens that you previously carried.  Gently your feet touch the ground and you release your wings.

You move your body into the position that you are now in, however you are lighter, joyful and energized.  You are excited and ready for whatever comes next to you on your life path’s journey.

Now is the time to return to your conscious being and the physical plane.  You become aware of your feet and wiggle your toes. You can sense your legs and their connection to the earth.

Take a deep breath. Continue to breathe in slow steady breaths allowing with each exhale to awaken you further from head to toe.

As you breathe out, allow your belly and lower back to awaken.

Breathe out, feel your chest and upper back, shoulders, and your neck. Let your next breath and exhale awaken feeling in your arms and hands. Wiggle your fingers

Finally, allow your breaths to bring awareness in your head and mind. Open your eyes and notice your new feelings of balance and calm in your body.

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer available at



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