Natural Hygiene Recipes

I, like many other people have had the unfortunate experience of having battled cancer. I was successful thus far and plan to continue on that avenue.  However, the experience made me think more seriously about the products that I was using and what I was exposing myself to on a regular basis.  I was concerned with the deodorant that I was putting under my arms, basically loading up my lymphatic system with toxins, the Fluoride I was shoving in my mouth to be clean and sparkling white, and the moisturizers or cosmetics I was putting on my face daily.  I’m working on other recipes, but here’s what I have so far, and what I know works for me!  **One note, these are natural products meaning they don’t have a bunch of chemicals and preservatives in them, this means that they are going to go bad quickly.  Better to make smaller batches more often.**

Exfoliating the skin:

The easiest  things to do are exfoliate the skin with salt or sugar scrubs.  I like to use salt scrubs for my body and extra fine sugar scrub for my face.  The difference is that sugar crystals are not as sharp as salt crystals and do not tear up the mirco-cells of the face but still get the exfoliating job done.  Here’s some recipes and suggestions:

Salt scrubs:

I like Pink Himalayan Salt or Sea Salt.  I prefer a fine ground salt.  If you can only find a coarsely ground salt then get that and run it through your spice grinder until it’s the consistency that you want. If you are in a pinch, use good old table salt.  it works great.

Basic wet recipe:

Salt in a container, add oil until it is totally saturated and a little sitting on the top.

Basic dry recipe:

Salt in a container, add desired herbs, add a little juice or oil, but leave it a dry grainy consistency.

I like to use either type depending on my mood.  I will say that with the oils in the shower or tub be careful, it can make the tub bottom slick.  The salt goes easily down the drain, dissolving with the water and taking with it all the dead skin cells, the oils leave your skin soft and moisturized. I like the added spiritual layer of using salt scrubs in that it provides spiritual protections and cleansing when using them.  Combine with your daily meditation and you have a great energetic hygiene foundation.

In terms of oils, in the most basic recipe, table salt and olive oil in a plastic container is fantastic.  (** I prefer glass containers but in the tub and shower, I go plastic, safety first!) You can add herbs like rosemary to wake you up or lemon juice, for a skin brightener.  Adding castor oil does wonders for the skin in terms of healing and lightening dark spots on the face or body. think about adding essential oils as another layer of depth, Eucalyptus or Peppermint oils are wonderful on the legs and feet.  You can use these scrubs for your feet, arms, legs any where.

Sugar Scrubs:

Again, I like an extra fine grain for my sugar scrubs on my face, but you can use sugar scrubs any where on your body.  Think about using white sugar, raw sugars, or even brown sugars, all have their own benefits and textures. Try them all to see what you like.

They also follow the same wet or dry options.  Try mixing them with coffee grounds, or cocoa powder or added levels of luxury.

Cooling Hydrosol Spray:

So I live in the Arizona desert and the summer times can be brutal, but I get by with this amazing cooling spray.  Right after I get out of the shower while my skin is still wet I spray this on my arms and legs. It is refreshing and cooling.  It feels amazing and is a beautiful scent.  Perfect for a hot day. You can try this or make up your own recipe.

In a 1 oz. spray bottle,

10 drops of geranium oil

5 drops of peppermint oil

20% alcohol, (Brandy or Vodka)

Fill with spring or filtered water.  Shake Well before use.


1/2 cup of coconut oil

1 tablespoon baking soda

10 drops of peppermint oil

5 drops of Myrrh oil

Melt the coconut oil gently over a double boiler, add the essential oils and the baking soda, stirring as it cools to keep the baking soda distributed evenly. Store in a glass jar.  I like a little glass mason jar with a flip lid that is attached.  The coconut oil is filled with tons of antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial properties, as is the Myrrh oil.  the peppermint oil also has good properties for oral hygiene and gives you the minty fresh feeling and odor.  The baking soda is a mild abrasive, cleaning, polishing and whitening your teeth while neutralizing any mouth odors.

If you want even brighter teeth, take some activated charcoal in the mix once a week and brush your teeth with that.  Yes, your entire mouth will be black until you rinse and for a bit after and it makes a mess in your sink, but it cleans out easily and the results are amazing.  It whitens and neutralizes better than any over the counter product I’ve tried.

Natural Deodorant:

So this makes 2 regular sized deodorant containers and a little bit.  You can buy blank containers online or at your local health food store usually.

1/3 cup of Shea butter

1/8-1/4 cup of beeswax pellets, (you decide for hardness you like, the more you add the harder the set up will be)

1/4 tsp lavender oil

1/4 tsp tea tree oil

1/4 tsp narrow leaf eucalyptus oil

1 tsp vitamin E oil

1/4 cup castor oil

1/4 cup coconut oil

3 tablespoons bentonite clay

1 tablespoon baking soda

1 tablespoon powdered buttermilk

Blend in a glass container, the Shea, coconut, and castor oils, plus the beeswax and melt together over a double boiler, mix in essential oils and vitamin E oil.  Blend dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Slowly while stirring constantly add all of the dry ingredients together. Blend well. Pour while still warm into empty deodorant forms. Will set up as it cools. Keep extra in refrigerator.  You can change the the oils to a different scent.  This is very clean smelling and is great for men or women.  I don’t recommend for children.

I know that the buttermilk is a surprising ingredient but milk has wonderful softening properties for the skin. Historically, women have used milk baths as beauty regimes for centuries, no, millennia.  Also, energetically speaking, the underarm is so close to the breast area and milk as a property along with the breast is about nurturing.  By choosing to make your own products you are nurturing yourself. I like that and I like to think about it as I am using it. I am loving myself.


I don’t generally wear a lot of make up, but a little color every now and then doesn’t hurt anyone.  I have found that natural clays come in a wide variety of colors as does natural mica powders for sparkle.  You can mix some red colored clays with a pit of mica powder and voila you have a lovely eye shadow or blush.  I was so surprised at the wide range of options.  If you add a little beeswax and coconut oil melted together you can have cream versions of the stuff or even use it as tinted lip balms. You can find all of these clays and micas from a wide range of online resources.  I personally like Brambleberry ( ) and Mountain Rose,( ) but look around and see what you can find.

So those are the recipes I have for you to day.  Spiritually, by taking the time to care for yourself in beautiful ways you are only enhancing your love vibrations and raising your frequencies as well as caring for your overall health and wellness.  You don’t have to  sacrifice quality for natural products.  I think that you will find that these are great products and do wonders for you.  Try them and give me feedback for what works and what doesn’t work for you.

**Please watch for allergies, consult medical advice for any medical issues or reactions**

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