Oils for a Foundation of Energy

Every year, I make a set of oils at Yule time to anoint the Yule log as well as my guests at my annual Yule party.  I always save the ash from the burning of the log and use it throughout the year in my magical workings.  I find that it is quite powerful stuff. I like to share some as give always and gift it in other ways.

However, along with that I find that I often forget how special the oil blends are that I make to anoint the log and bring in particular energies for the year.  The oil blends themselves are marvoulous to use throughout the year to create a foundation of energy for the auric body, to strengthen specific attributes to life that I feel contribute to my overall structural well being.  So I’m gonna share them with you:

In the first two recipes I have used grape seed oil for my base or carrier oil. I have done this purposefully for the abundance energetic property of grape seed.  Both blends, strength and prosperity cover a wide range of aspects in my life and I want the abundance and richness of grape seed to help these energies flourish in my life.

The first recipe is for Strength.  I use it to supplement my energies when I am needing more support to deal with life’s stresses during difficult or challenging times, as well as strength in health both physically as well as mentally.


2 oz. of grape seed carrier oil

15 drops Cypress Oil

4 drops Dark Patchouli Oil

7 drops of Roman Chamomile

Prosperity for me means more than just financial wealth.  It means an all around abundance. I want to be open to accepting life’s abundance on every level.  This scent and its energy helps me to be open to all that the year brings in prosperity.


3 oz. of grape seed carrier oil

2 drops of cinnamon oil

3 drops of bergamot oil

30 drops tangerine oil

3 drops of clove oil

In these next two oil blends, I have chosen almond oil as my base or carrier oil.  the protective and sweetening properties of the almond lends it energy the most to these blends.  I am adding the hard outer shell of the almond and its immune boosting qualities to the protection blend. Additionally, the sweetness and nurturing qualities of the nut to my self love blend.  Almonds are traditionally found in wedding candies and other festivities where love abounds.

In terms of protection, I am including spiritual, physical,psychological, emotional and any other aspect of protection that you can think of. I want to be protected in all aspects of my  life not just my home and person, but everything.


3 oz. of almond carrier oil

13 drops of Palo Santo oil

10 drops of Fir oil

10 drops of Cypress oil

People may question why I specified self love instead of love in general.  My answer is simple. If I can love myself, which is my greatest challenge, then I can be open to giving and receiving all aspects of love.  It begins with me.  I am that I am and I must be accepting of myself unconditionally before I can truly have love or compassion for anything else.  Without self love, I have no true understanding of love at all.  This scent by the way is amazing.  It is hard to keep in stock and will raise your heart vibrations considerable so be prepared for awesomeness!

Self love:

3 oz. almond carrier oil

6 drops of Rose Damask oil

8 drops of Ylang Ylang oil

6 drops of Rosewood oil

5 drops of Roman Chamomile oil

12 drops of Palmarosa oil

In general I make these oil blends in a bottle with a dropper for the Yule log, but if giving them out as a gift, I put them into a glass vial with a roller ball on top of easy application to the skin.  If I am using a roller ball style distributer I add some alcohol, usually brandy to thin it out a bit so the ball runs more smoothly.  Finally, I suggest making the blends in a spray bottle as a hydrosol.  I would put 20% or 1/5 of the bottle with alcohol, brandy again is my preference, but you can use vodka or other grain alcohol with little to no scent and a high proof. I would add 15 drops per oz of the oil blend and then fill the spray bottle up with water the rest of the way.  This is a wonderful way to use it around the house or even spray your self.  Just watch your eyes and pets, it’s not meant for either of them.

I hope that you’ll try some of these blends, not just at Yule time, but all throughout the year.  They are amazing blends and can help support you, giving you a strong energy foundation for success throughout your year.

**Please watch for allergies, consult medical advice for any medical issues or reactions**

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer available at http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com

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4 thoughts on “Oils for a Foundation of Energy

  1. There are lots of different types of carrier oils..I’m working on a post about different types. thank you for commenting. 🙂


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