Applications of Essences

Applications of Essences

There are a number of ways to use essences whether they are flower essences or other types of essences. Here’s a handy list to make it easier for you.

Orally: Take dosage or stock strength of an essence or blend in water, other liquid or sublingually.

Direct Skin Contact: Place a few drops of stock essence on your hands, rub them together and use various holds, or massage with clients or animals as well as yourself.

Compress: Use cotton flannel or all natural disposable wipes to apply directly on to skin or area needing healing.

Acupressure Points: Use an essence or blend directly on acupressure points or on an organic cotton ball to apply to acupressure points. Try using organic cotton swabs around the ears.

Mist: Put an essence or blend into a spray bottle and mist the air of an environment, around an animal or client, yourself, your plants, your food, an object, or other endless possibilities.  Use it as a preparation for energy work, during times of crisis or at the conclusion of an appointment.

Surrogate: While working in someone else’s energy in surrogate, use an essence or blend on yourself and it will affect also the field that you are working within.

Auric Field: Put an essence or blend on your hands and run it through the auric field of an animal or client you are working with.  Try it on yourself.

Aromatherapy Hydrosol Blend:  Use any of the above applications EXCEPT orally and combine your essence or blend with therapeutic grade essential oils.

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