I am Bukowski

When I can’t write

at two a. m. or whenever,

I let Bukowski arouse me,

fondle me with his words,

remind me it’s all a poem,

every bit of it.

Whatever you write is a poem.


Because I say it’s a poem.

The critics say,

“You’re not Bukowski!”

My response to them?

“Yes, I am! I am Bukowski!”

“You are Bukowski!”

“We are all Bukowski!”

A collective Bukowski,

isn’t that the point?

Sit there and be Bukowski.

Write the poem,

the grit,

the truth in your life.

Write it all down.

It’s all a poem.

Even writing about writing is a poem.

I am Bukowski because I say I am,

and even this,

even this

is a poem.

2015 copyright by Katie Pifer available at http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com

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