Grounding with Ganesha- A Meditation

Find a comfortable position either sitting or lying down. Drop a grounding cord from the center of your body and lock it into place into the center of the earth so that anything not serving you, not for your highest good can be released and neutralized.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes.  Continue to breathe deeply; with each breath let yourself go further into relaxation.  Let your shoulders drop, relax your arms and your hands. Relax your head, your back, keep breathing.  Let your chest relax, tension easing out of your body, relax your stomach, your legs, your feet.  Now breathe again and feel any remaining tension ease.

You awake your inner eye, your third eye opening to see dappled sunlight coming through an ornate screen in front of arched windows.  You feel the air is warm and lightly humid.  It is perfumed with cardamom, rich spices, and something like vanilla, but a vanilla unlike any you have ever experienced.

You rise, to see that you are in a beautiful room with few, but very ornate furnishings, a bed, a table, a chair.  As you walk across the room you notice you are barefooted and the cool stone of the floor feels smooth and refreshing with each step you take.  It energizes you, lightens you.  Your thin cotton clothes add to the feelings of refreshment and lightness.  You smile at these new sensations.

You make your way into a lush garden with fountains and peacocks opening and closing their magnificently jeweled tails.  At the far end of the garden, you see a mighty elephant and hear the beast’s calls to you.  Walk across the garden, feel the stone beneath your feet change to grass.   You notice the softness of the grass and the slight moisture it releases with each step.  The smell of fresh green grass wafts toward you mixing with the other smells of the air, the sweetness of flowers, the scent of moisture from the fountains, and spice in the distance.  The grass’ springiness adds to your own light step.

As you come up to the elephant, you see that the animal is painted in bright colors, his third eye decorated and prominent.  He connects with you, inviting you to ride.  As he bends his knee to you, allowing you to easily climb up you find that is was no effort and perched behind his massive head is quite comfortable.   His rough skin and hairs lightly tickle your legs as you ride, your perspective having changed.

With your head in the leaves of trees you see the exotic birds dancing with one another.  Singing love songs and chatting to each other.  As you come upon a great flowering tree, ducking your head, you giggle at the leaves as they sweep across your shoulders and the flowers dowse your in their heady pollen.

Continuing along this path, rounding a bend, you encounter luscious tree after luscious tree, each time you as well as the elephant reach up to touch the fruit, flowers, and leaves. You notice that your skin is beginning to change; to become more like the elephant’s.  This is not alarming; it is more of a fascination for you.

As you pass under a mango tree, both again reaching, hand and trunk as one, plucking a ripe fruit from its stem, quickly pealing the prize, you both bite into the sweet flesh, juices running down your mouths.  You lift your hand to wipe away the sticky mess only to realize your hand has become a trunk.  It is highly efficient and adaptable. These are characteristics you can admire.  You begin to follow your trunk arm to realize you have entirely become this elephant, yet you still feel as yourself.  You notice the weight of the beast that is now you. You lift each leg and place it on the ground, testing yourself for sure footedness.  You are exactly as you are, but in elephant form. You and the elephant have become one, connected in the moment, twin souls.

Along you journey, another corner comes up. The path is filled with rewards of sweet flowers, soft breezes and an abundance of fruit.  You notice that there are many beautiful and ripe fruit on the ground. You use your truck to pick them up and share them with the birds and monkeys lining the trees of your path.  You are rewarded with the chitter of monkey gratitude as they relish the sweet fruit and chattering of the birds as they herald thanks to you for your generosity.  You wave your big ears in recognition of the sounds; listening to the messages in the air around you. You feel a lightening sense as you share your fortune and abundance with all you encounter on this walk.

As you continue your journey along the tree lined road you begin to stomp, not angrily, but purposefully.  Each step grounding you, releasing burdens you carry that seemed so important when in your human form. With each rise of a foot, and stomp into the ground, a new sense of lightness takes over you.  Your small eyes allow you to concentrate on your stomping, thinking clearly of this purpose of letting go.  Continue releasing and stomping, grounding yourself and letting go of all that no longer serves you, leaving only what is for your highest good.  Allow your higher elephant self to select what is important to hold on to, to retain.

You flash through your inner eye suddenly having the wisdom of the timelessness of elephant from mammoth to present day Oliphant, embodiment of the Deity Ganesha, God of Wisdom and mover of obstacles.  All at once, you know all elephants share one soul, in oneness with the universe and the infinite knowledge through the ages.  You recognize that this is a blessing on your journey. You are protected as you move along the road.  Your round belly digesting easily all that lies before you; all experiences, good and bad are no longer a burden to you.

As you lumber forward in your new form as the elephant, as Ganesha, feeling the full weight of your spiritual and emotional burdens in the mass of the beast, you allow the power of Ganesha to ground them into the earth with each step, neutralizing them. This is a deeper level of release than the stomping. You can feel the heaviness of your spirit lifting as karmic ties snap under the power of Ganesha and drop into the earth. Each step cuts ties as if with the axe of Lord Ganesha.  You carry with you a rope of the strongest hemp to assist you, pulling you higher and higher to your spiritual goals as you lighten your spirit.

You now round another corner, seeing the garden that you first started your journey in; you can feel a pulling apart between you and the Lord Ganesha.  You can feel yourself rising from the form of an elephant.  Slowly you notice that you have risen to the top of the elephant, no longer Ganesha, no longer one, but a return to your human self riding upon an elephant on a sweeten path.  You are lighter and more grounded than you have ever felt before.

When you reach the garden edge, you use the rope to easily climb down from the elephant’s back.  You are given this gift of the rope to take with you. You turn to the elephant and rest your forehead against the painted forehead of this elephant teacher, third eye to third eye, honoring one another.

As you walk in the grass returning to the room you originally awoke in, you notice a small mouse running along side you.  You recognize that this is a symbol of your desires;  you must keep him under control or he will create chaos for you.  You gently pick up the mouse and hold him in your hand, and place him in your breast pocket.

There the peacocks are again near the fountain and you can feel the stone beneath your feet, the humidity in the air from the fountain and the rich spices as you approach the doorway to the room.  You walk through the doorway, now providing shade from the day’s sun and heat. You walk over to the bed and lie upon it.  Beside the bed is a small table with some bread on a clean cloth. You break off a small piece and feed it to the mouse in your pocket.  Feeding small amounts to your desires, helping to keep him under control. Feeling light and fulfilled you close your eyes again and notice your breath.

You breathe rhythmically and deeply, with each breath you feel yourself coming into your body and into present time. You feel your feet; wiggle your toes, move your legs. You can feel your stomach and your chest rise and fall with each breath.  You arms, hands, and shoulders are strong and you wiggle your fingers.  You can feel the mattress against your back and the back of your head.  Slowly, as you take a very deep breath you are in present time, you open your eyes feeling light and grounded; fulfilled and at peace, but energized in harmony with all that you are.

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