Pendulum Basics

Working with a pendulum can be fun and a great way to get answers for the questions that plague you.  It falls in the realm of dowsing.  Dowsing is a way to look for underground water, minerals, or anything you can’t see. You basically need a weight called a, “bob,” and some kind of a chain or string for the, “bob” to swing freely from, and then you need to be clear in your energy, intent and focus.  I have made a pendulum out of everything from a paperclip and a string to a plastic button and thread.  If your energy is clear, as well as your intent and focus, you should be able to make a pendulum out of anything and have it work just as well as the fancy ones.  You can use a hair and a bead and get results just as good.  If you are working with a crystal or any store bought pendulum, make sure that you cleanse it before working with it.

I had an experience once where I bought a crystal from someone and they blew on it to cleanse it for me.  While there is a cleaning method with breath, the woman only “helped” me by adding her energy to my crystal that I would have to cleanse anyway when I got home; your tools, your responsibility to cleanse them before use.  There are many methods of cleansing but that is for another post.

So there is this really great pendulum book that floats around the internet for free.  It is very detailed and rather than repeating everything I’ve just included the link here:

Pendulum book:

So, there is one thing that I want to say about this book, and it is, in my opinion, a bit complicated in terms of its discussion about programming your crystal. I have NEVER programmed a crystal to be used for pendulum work.  I have asked ALL of my pendulums to work WITH me, and they do, very quickly and very well.  My suggestion is to cleanse the pendulum of other’s energies and ask for a partnership.  Frankly, that is my approach in most things from working with spirits, entities, deities, guides, or any magical tool, plant, animals, etc.  I think that the world is more willing to assist in partnerships than for me to force my ego, will, and dominance on to anything in the spiritual world.  Now, I am not perfect, and I screw up from time to time like everyone else, but as soon as I get out of my head and re-align with my heart, I find that the spiritual world is waiting and willing to help me.

Here are some basic uses for pendulum dowsing:

  • Locating things:

Any thing lost: people, places, pets, things

Natural items: water, oil, gold, minerals, school of fish, herds for hunting

Broken or Leaky things: pipes, engine problems, body issues, equiptment issues

  • Testing for:


Vitamins, supplements, food quality, water quality

Presence of disease, bacteria, molds, etc.

Health: people, plants, animals, environments

Gender of an unborn baby

  • Authentication

Money, coins, valuables

Honesty or quality of business deals

  • Picking between


Testing compatibility

Stocks, Bonds, etc

Lottery numbers

Careers, relationships

Items to be purchased: cars, houses, anything

In my opinion, one of the fastest ways to discover any information is through the use of a pendulum.  This is how I started out.  It was quick, easy, and fun.  A chart is a fast way to deal with a list, also just list on a piece of paper works.  You don’t need a fancy pendulum to make it work either.  A paperclip and thread or yarn is great, other types include: a necklace, a button and string, your favorite charm on a thread or chain of some kind, a fan or light chain, anything that is a weight on some kind of a cord.  The key is to set your intention.  Determine what direction is a, “yes” answer and which is a, “no” answer.  After that you are off and running.

For lists, it is easiest to set your intent with your pendulum to state, “indicate or change” when it hits the correct answer.  So for example, when you have a list of animals and you a trying to determine what is the correct answer for an animal question, let’s imagine the answer is a LION, you would set your intent with your pendulum to “indicate or change” rather than “yes” or “no” answers.  As you held your pendulum over your list it would remain still until you got to the word or picture of a LION, at which point it would begin to swing.  This is your pendulum, “indicating” the correct answer or “changing” from a still position to a moving position. It is really that simple.  Try it, you might be surprised.

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