Sea and Sand Cleansing Visualization

I’ve talked quite a bit about various cleansing methods for the self. I find that having many layers of skills or many tools in my tool box the best way to approach life.  So here is another cleansing visualization that I have done when I am particularly feeling slimed or beyond my limits.  I have experienced being hit with several psychic attacks and discovering that in my energetic field are many implants or barbs that are used to hook on to an energetic field and either suck energy from me, or push negative energy into me.  When this happens and I have not cleansed, have a client who has not cleansed, or is new to their path, I will suggest this visualization.


Ground yourself, drop a grounding cord from the center of your body, lock it in place into the center of the earth so that anything not serving you or not for your highest good can be released and neutralized.

Get comfortable either sitting or lying down.

Visualize yourself at the beach, walk to the waterline where the water still laps up on the sand but doesn’t drown it out under tons of water.

Slowly focus your attention on your feet and begin to spin counterclockwise, drilling your self into the sand.

Let the water lap up around you and recede.  Each time it cleanses you.

Continue to drill yourself into the sand until you are completely submerged.

You are safe and in control, there is no fear.

The water fills in the spaces around you cleansing you, the salt purifying and neutralizing and then dispersing in the sand.

Allow this to happen until you feel a sense of lightness to begin.

Now visualize yourself heating up, becoming hotter and hotter.

Let the water lap up around you and turn to steam.

Heat yourself up until you are practically molten and allow any barbs, and metal, any implants to be melted.  Let the water boil and take with it as it becomes steam anything that is not serving you, not for your highest good.

The sand may melt around you, becomes glass, crystalline, allow this.  It will amplify your will.

Now let yourself begin to cool down once everything has been cleansed.

Let the waters lap around you continue to cleanse and neutralize, cool you as they touch you and recede.

When you are at your normal temperature, slowly begin to look at yourself with your third eye, scan yourself for any foreign bodies, karmic ties, entities.

Release them from your body and energy field. Allow them to be washed away.

You are protected by this crystalline shell; the sand allows them to be taken away like a sieve.

When you are clear of everything, slowly begin to unscrew yourself, now spinning clockwise to return to the surface.

Step out of what is left of the place you were in and begin to walk back up the beach away from the water.

You should feel energized and clear, protected by your crystalline shell and released of all that was of harm to you.

Take some deep breaths, wiggle your toes, feel your body and open your eyes when you are ready, returning to the room you are in.

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